Monday, 2 July 2012

Hanging Hummingbird Planter

Today's my first entry in my first-ever blog!  Go me! :)

I didn't do my nails today and that's what I am aiming to have the majority of the entries in this blog to be about.  So, instead, I thought I would blog about a present my parents brought back for me from their Canada Day weekend camping trip.  Come see what I got!

A little background information:
I am a "mother" to 3 wild hummingbirds and am obsessed with keeping my "babies" happy :D  There are 2 male and 1 female ruby-throat hummingbird in my little family that are constantly fighting over our standard 4-place hummingbird feeder.  I have named them Mr. Georgie, Mr. Georgie (can't tell the 2 males apart, lol) and Mrs. Georgie.

Ruby-Throat Hummingbird - male

Ruby-Throat Hummingbird - female

My parents, knowing how important my hummingbirds are to me, brought me back an As Seen On TV product called a "Hanging Hummingbird Planter".

As soon as I saw what it was, I immediately planned to go to the local fresh produce store that also sells plants after my workout today so I could get plants to assemble this feeder for my birds.  There wasn't a large selection of flowers when I got there, but I was able to choose a 4-pack of Impatients in Dazzler White and 2 larger Double Impatients in Musica Spicy Orange.  The Double Impatients have some blooms on them so I put them in the top with one of the White Impatient plants, with a White Impatient plant in the bottom.

This was really easy to assemble, the only thing that is a little tricky is finding somewhere to hang it while you are assembling it -- you can't set it down anywhere because you have to insert the bottom plant in the planter first before putting any dirt into the planter.

The planter is filled, hanging and ready for some hummingbirds to come and have a snack!  Can't wait to get a picture of it when the flowers are in full bloom ;D

When the flowers are in full bloom, this will be a beautiful addition to my parents' bird feeding area.  However, this planter will be coming with me when I move ;)
*Update* - August 1/12
Last night Mrs. Georgie was perched on this feeder and I was able to capture a picture of it :)  She's getting awfully chunky!  LOL!

My planter hasn't been doing overly well with all this hot, dry weather we have been having :(  The bottom flower is pretty much toast, but since we got rain last week the red flowers on the top have really flourished compared to what they looked like before :)


  1. Your birds are beautiful, and so is your blog!! I am so excited to see you started one too, and can't wait to read more! My sister actually loves hummingbirds, and I looked up a lot of info about them the other day for her. She went out to buy a feeder and is hoping to see some soon! I shared this post on her facebook wall :)

    1. Thanks Lauren! I was actually sad last night when I posted this because I kept thinking of other things I could post about but I want to be able to limit myself to only one post per day so I don't burn myself out :)
      Good luck to your sister! I hope that she gets lots of hummingbirds to her new feeder. They are so interesting to watch and beautiful to look at :D
      P.S. - I added in photo sources for the hummingbird pictures as I didn't take the pictures of the actual birds. I wish I did, they are beautiful pictures :D


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