Wednesday 4 July 2012

NOTD: Watermelon Nail Art

Whew!  It's a hot one out there today!  I hope everyone was able to stay as cool as possible in this heat wave -- I hear it's only going to get worse by the end of the week :(  This is why I'm a winter person ;P

Because it's so hot, I thought I would do a "cool" and "refreshing" nail art tonight over top of the Julep Courteney green I blogged about yesterday.  I saw a couple pictures floating around Facebook on a couple nail pages I follow with people doing watermelon nail art and I thought what better time to do it than when it's blistering hot outside and sinking your teeth into a nice, cool piece of watermelon would be extremely refreshing :)

I'm not sure this nail art will keep me as cool as that slice of watermelon, but I'm going to give it a shot :D

So what did I do?
I left on the Julep Courteney green that I put on yesterday.  I carefully painted my nails about 1/4 of the way down from the cuticle using Jessica Happy Days following the curve of my cuticle edge.  Then I used a black polish and a toothpick to create the watermelon seeds and a white polish applied with an eyeshadow applicator to create the whites of the watermelon.

This nail art was so quick and easy, I will definitely be doing it again :)

Let me know if you think I should be doing photo nail art tutorials for any further nail art entries I have so you can try it too.

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