Saturday 14 July 2012

Sunny's Miracle Balm

Happy Saturday everyone!  Again, another scheduled post today as I am helping my friend and her husband move into their new house today :)

I have for you today some NAIL MAIL!  It's not polish, but something just as essential :D  It's cuticle balm that I purchased from 365 Days of Color's store in Peach Magnolia Raspberry.  This is what I opened:

The tin on this contains 5mL of Sunny's cuticle balm.  I haven't had this long enough to see full results, but when I do use it feels like I've given my cuticles a tall glass of water :D  I also use Julep's Cuticle Oil as much as possible/as much as I remember to use it.  the balm goes on a little oily but that's what my cuticles need :)

However, one thing I DO know is it smells AMAZING!  I was overwhelmed about what "flavour" to pick when I was ordering it because she had so many great ones, but I decided on this because I love peach and raspberry combinations :)

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