Friday, 28 September 2012

Sunny's Miracle Balm -- Lilac and Lilies

Happy Friday everybody!  Any exciting plans for this weekend?  I am probably not doing much of anything -- the latest expansion for World of Warcraft came out this past week, so that's all Tyler will be doing all weekend, lol!  That's ok though, he games, I polish and blog ;)  I will be able to spend some quality time with Owen as well, there is never enough of that ;)

I have for you today another one of Sunny's Miracle Balms.  This time I got the Lilac and Lilies.  Lilies are my favourite flower, and lilacs have the greatest scent in the world, so I knew I would love this balm.  I have another one, but couldn't resist getting this one when Sunny had free shipping in her shop :)  The first balm I got was Raspberry Magnolia Peach, which is heavenly!!!

Firstly, I love the fragile sticker on there!  "Love Me Tender (Fragile)", hehe!  :D

When I opened up the package, I noticed that I got the balm in a different container than last time.  It is now a larger white plastic container with a twist off lid.  This is better than the small metal tin with the pry-off lid which is a little tricky to get into when you've got lotion on your hands.

She has the container all sealed with plastic wrap too so you know it hasn't been "tampered with".  This balm smells amazing!  Tyler thinks that it smells "like an old lady" and doesn't like it, so I try to use it when he's not around, lol!

Here is the new container (on the left) compared to the old container (on the right).

I find that the balm in this container is not as "mushy" as the balm in the metal tin, it seems harder.  I asked Sunny if she changed her formula and she said that she hadn't.  This isn't a complaint, more of an observation.  The only reason I make note of it is because with the balm in the metal tin I find that when I use it, it is extremely oily and I can only use it at bed time, though it is extremely hydrating.  This one goes on more like a lotion and isn't very oily.  Also, with the smaller metal tin I find that my nails gouge the balm and I get a bunch under my nails which I have to pick out.  With this container, there is a larger surface so I am able to get the balm without carving into it with my nails.

I would highly recommend getting this Miracle Balm if you have dry cuticles, plus she has SO many different flavours (I call them flavours because they smell edible!) and you can't go wrong no matter what you pick!  Check out her shop here.  She also sells polish -- she is the mastermind behind 365 Days of Color polishes :D


  1. Her miracle balms sound amazing. And I'm so glad to here that I'm not the only one who hates getting stuff under my nails. Always happens with my Burt's Bees cuticle cream and it drives me crazy. Thanks for another great post! :)

    1. Oh does it ever drive me crazy! If you want to try a new "brand" I definitely recommend Sunny's :D
      I haven't tried Burt's Bees' cuticle balm yet. I am currently circulating Sunny's balms and Julep's cuticle oil, and I just recently ordered some PURE Cuticle Oil from Simple Nail Art Tips. I will do a blog post on those when I get to try them out :) They are cuticle oil pens.


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