Friday, 19 October 2012

NOTD: Julep Sienna

Good morning my loves and welcome to FRIDAY!  Can you believe it?

So last night my mom, my youngest sister and I went to our monthly chiropractor treatment and then to WalMart afterwards.  My sister wanted to get a fall coat and a new pair of small stud earrings.  Well it took her FOREVER to pick something out (love you Sarah ;) ), so I went browsing and found THESE!!!  (Some of you may have already seen these on Facebook, but I'm sure you are OK with seeing them again cause they are just so darned cute!)

Aren't they just SOOO adorable?!?!  They were $5 per pair, and I couldn't narrow it down anymore than these three so I got them all.  They had more -- some spider ones, some spider webs ones with little spiders hanging in the centre of the web, some that said "BOO", and a few others I can't remember, but these were the cutest of the bunch and I wanted to share them with everyone!  I don't dress up at Hallowe'en, but I love wearing Hallowe'en earrings :D  I'm not sure what my favourite is of these 3, but as I write this I am wearing the witches :)
They are all "layered" so on Frankenstein, his hair, face, body, arms and legs are all separate so that when you wiggle the earrings it looks like he is dancing.  For the skull and crossbones, the skull is separate from the crossbones.  And for the witch her hat, face, body and legs are all separate and she looks like she's dancing too :)

Anywho, I do have some nails for you today.  Again, these are from the archive, hope you don't mind :)
This is Julep Sienna.  This is a beautiful neutral shimmer, it makes me think of liquid white gold :)  I tried capturing it in all its beauty with different lighting, so there are a few extra pictures for this one :)

I got Sienna in my September Julep Mystery Box and I love it.  I think this will be perfect to use with some Christmas manis :)  It has enough shimmer for the holidays and I think that green and red will mingle nicely with this colour :D

Do you like shimmer polishes?  Do you have Sienna or something similar?

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