Sunday, 18 November 2012

November Nail Art Challenge Day 6

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope everyone has had a good weekend :D  I can't believe that it's time to go back to work tomorrow :(  Sorry I haven't been around much since last Wednesday.  Wednesday night I spent the night at a friend's house and on Thursday we went to The Twilight Saga Marathon for the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2.  All I have to say about that is... it was freaking awesome!!!  I would go and do that every day for the rest of forever if I could.  I want to go again so badly but Tyler doesn't want to come with me and my youngest sister isn't into Twilight so she doesn't want to go :(  Breaking Dawn Part 2 is by far the best movie in the series and Breaking Dawn is my favourite book of the series.  I don't want to spoil it for anyone that hasn't seen it so I won't say anything more than "you're gonna LOVE it!!"

When I got home Friday, I made my second nail polish shelf so all my polishes are finally put away and are all neat and tidy :)  Now I just can't buy anymore so I don't have to build yet another.  I also don't have room in my bedroom for another.

Then yesterday, Tyler and I went to help some friends move into their new house.  As usual, I came home with some bumps and bruises.  I was drying a dish and it fell apart in my hands, slicing my thumb open :(  And I'm really sore from transporting all the boxes up stairs.  It's a good thing there were lots of people there to help, we had a "fire line" happening so we didn't have to travel very far with each box, but my muscles were giving me crap for all the work I made them do :(

I finally got my Day 6 design for the November Nail Art Challenge done today.  Day 6 is "inspired by another's nails" so I did some searching on Pinterest last night and found a design I loved even though it was so simple :)

Here is my inspiration.  Though I found it on Pinterest, I found the blog post that it came from.

And here is my replication.  I didn't use the same pink and my design is slightly different, but I love the look of this and would love to try it with other colour combinations :)

The colours I used were China Glaze Naked (pink), Jordana Black and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On.  Though the original design was done with tape, I just used my Jordana Pop Art striping polish in Black Mark to create the lines and then filled in the black.  Then using my homemade dotting tools (pin stuck into a pencil eraser and an unfolded paper clip) I dotted on my dots.

I just realize that the original artist and I have almost the same nail shape and length, haha!

This design is so simple and it was really fun to do :D  And the colour combination options are endless!  I think this would also look great with a neon like China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.

PS - China Glaze Naked is one of my new favourite pinks.  It's definitely a Barbie pink and has a great shimmer to it :D  It's so feminine and girly :)


  1. This is a beautiful, simple mani! But it does have a wow factor to it! Great job!

    1. Thanks :) It is so pretty :) I love the contrast between the pink and black and I figured you would like it ;)

  2. Love it! So creative and pretty :-)

    1. Thanks Kelli! I love finding ideas that other people have come up with, makes my life so much easier, hehehe!

  3. One of my favorites thus far. It looks stunning on your nails. So feminine and still kicks butt. :-) LOVE it again!

  4. This is such a cute design! I'm glad you did this for this challenge :D


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