Monday, 7 January 2013

Different Dimension Penny

I know, I know, I'm cutting it really close for today!  I apologize this is so late in the day but I have been really distracted tonight.  I had my nails painted like 2 hours ago and I am finally getting to posting this.

I have for you the 3rd instalment of the Different Dimension Big Bang Theory collection.  This is Penny!!! (the name actually as the !!! in it, I'm not yelling ;) )

This is 2 coats of Penny!!! over bare nails.  This is a coppery coloured polish with teeny tiny black and red/orange glitters, random small black hex glitters and even more random medium copper hex glitters.  It's very "penny-ish" :D

I really love the look of this, though I'm not sure if it suits my skin tone, and that is the first time I have said that about any polish.  Guess I'm becoming more edumacated on what works for me and what doesn't ;)  It's just so pretty that I don't care, lol!

What do you think of this one?  Is this something you could pull off?

Make sure to come back tomorrow for the last of the 4 Big Bang Theory polishes, even though I have swatched it on here already.

Want you own bottle of Penny!!!?  Check out the Different Dimension shop where you can get it.


  1. I am not big on copper polish, but this, THIS I would buy and wear proudly! Gorgeous!

    1. It really is SO pretty :D I could keep this one on for a long time :D

  2. I love copper of all kinds and this is awy more opawue than I thought it would be based on the etsy swatches! I like it, but I can just feel my nails cringing at the though of all the acetone it would take to remove this! lol

    1. It is more opaque than I thought it would be too! I love it. I will update you on how easy it was to remove. It's not overly gritty feeling like a glitterbomb normally is, so I'm hoping it's easy :)


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