Tuesday 17 July 2012


So I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West in a bucket of water today.  This heat is so oppressive that I want nothing more than to submerge myself in a bathtub full of icecubes.  But I'm afraid if I do that they will all melt and the water will start to boil :(

Being from South-Central Ontario, I can handle any type of winter weather you can throw at me, but this hot summer weather crap - NO THANK YOU!  I would be greatful for -20°C with a -35°C windchill right about now.  And about 8 feet of snow.  Winter is my favourite season because I just love snow, I can't get enough of it.  When it really starts to snow in the winter time I am the crazy one doing the "bring on the snow" dance while everyone around me is taking off for the tropics.

And what comes with winter and snow?  My favourite animal, of course, the polar bear!  These "little guys" are so cute, I want to have one (a real one) so bad it hurts!  Every time I watch a movie/show/documentary or see pictures of polar bears (big or small) my heart breaks a little because I don't have one of my own.

If I was a polar bear today - this is what I would be doing..

But seriously though, who doesn't want to snuggle up to one of these little guys?!



So along with loving winter as much as I do comes loving Christmas - this is my favourite time of year!  It has nothing to do with the presents that are exchanged, but all to do with the decorations that are hung and spending time with family and friends (and time off work ;)).  I can't wait until Tyler and I are in our own house and start our own Christmas traditions.  I love Christmas enough that I have a countdown on Facebook that I normally start in October, and update it daily.  I get a lot of flack from my friends and family on Facebook because no one seems to love winter or Christmas near as much as me but I don't care, it makes me happy :D

Well I'm soon to be off to dinner for Tyler's birthday (hence the "off topic" blog entry).  Not sure yet where we are going, but I'm hoping it's got air conditioning, and praying for Dairy Queen, though I'm pretty sure that's not happening :P

Keep cool everyone!  *dances away singing "Let It Snow!  Let It Snow!  Let It Snow!"*


  1. Oh boy...just thinking of a windchill makes me shiver! I definitely love the heat, but sometimes, yes, it can be really oppressive. My favourite season is quickly becoming autumn because the weather is comfortable and you can wear a lot of cool fashion. :)

    1. Yes, autumn is great too, I do love the crisp morning air in the fall as well as the bright firey colours we get to see, even if it is only for a little while.


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