Tuesday 14 August 2012

Major Nail Haul

Today's second post is to "show off" my nail haul I came home to yesterday!  I was only expecting an order from Pam at Girly Bits, but what I came home to was a lot more!  Let's go take a look :D

Look at all those envelopes!
First up is my Girly Bits order.  This was my first time purchasing from Pam, and I couldn't be happier with what I got :D  Now, some of these are for Christmas gifts, so I can't show you everything but I will show you what I can ;)

Left to Right:  Girly Bits Hocus Pocus and Roger That in memory of Brady Rogers

Look at those beauties!  Ohh la la!!! :D  Hocus Pocus is a holographic topcoat that can be applied to any colour to make it holographic :D  Can't wait to try this out!!  Roger That is a medium blue holographic and oh lordy!  LOL!  It's absolutely stunning (stay tuned for my post about it in a couple days)!  I purchased this because a) I loved the colour of it on the website, b) I wanted to try it for my first holo, and c) the money is going to a great cause (the story behind the polish can be found here)!  Girly Bits polish can be purchased in Pam's online store.

Alrighty, next up my Elixir Lacquers' order!  Again this was my first time purchasing from Nicole over at Elixir Lacquers, and again I couldn't be happier with what I got :D  None of them are gifts, they all for ME, so here's what I got!

Left to Right: Elixir Lacquers Miss Kitty's Mee-yow, Tease, A Mermaid's Tale

Holy cow!  I'm so excited to try all of these!  Now, with my well-known fixation for purples Miss Kitty's Mee-yow was the first polish that appealed to me in the store, so I had to get it :D  Then, I saw Tease, and with it's pink base with a beautiful purple pearly shine it was obvious that I would have to get that one too, lol!  Then I saw A Mermaid's Tale.  This is a beautiful teal-green with glitters, similar to that of a Mermaid's tail ;)  I have nothing at all like these in my collection, so they were all in my shopping cart faster than you can say "did you really need those?!"  Elixir Lacquers polish can be purchased in Nicole's online store.

Next up is my "swap" from Amanda Smythe from the Julep Swap Facebook group.  This was my first time doing a swap with anyone, and it went smoothly :)  I didn't have anything to swap with Amanda, so I offered to pay for it rather than swap.  She accepted my offer and this is what I got :D

Julep Reveal Nail Growth Revitalizing Serum

Now, I know what you're thinking -- "but Erica, you already have one of these!"  I know, I know, but when I left my original one down at Shannon's, I thought "maybe I will be able to get this before I see Shannon again."  So I purchased it from Amanda and it came in the mail, just in time for Shannon to decide to come home for a few days and bring my original Julep Reveal with her, hahaha!  Figures!  Ah well, I'm hoping this works miracles and my toenails become healthy and start to grow faster, rather than them cracking off every time they grow out causing ingrown toenails and me wanting to just chop the whole toe off completely to avoid the hassle!  I will likely need both tubes before they start to grow out happy and healthy anyways :)  The Julep Reveal can be purchased on Julep's website, or if you want you can try out the Julep Swap Facebook group and see if anyone has it available for trade/swap or purchase.

Remember to stay tuned for my more in-depth posts about both my Girly Bits and my Elixir Lacquers hauls tomorrow and Thursday :D

So that's my haul for today -- what do you guys think?  I will be doing swatches over the next little while with these beautiful polishes :)  What are you looking forward to seeing me swatch?  Has anyone else purchased these items or from these lovely women?  What did you think of what you got?


  1. Great haul!! I have a few Elixer's and they are FAB!

    1. Hey Pam! Thanks for the feedback, I can't wait to try them out! I just wish I had more than 10 fingers to paint, lol!

  2. Awesome haul!! I love Girly Bits; Pam makes amazing polishes!! :D

    1. I just wish I could get them ALL!!! :D


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