Friday 31 August 2012

Nail Mail: Nail Polish Canada Haul

It's Friday!! :D  I hope everyone has exciting plans for the weekend!
I have my haul from Nail Polish Canada today :)  I love Nail Polish Canada because when you place an order over $25, shipping is free!  :D  Which is awesome!  And they have some pretty good deals on polish sometimes!
Let's see what I opened up!

The box is purple!  How is that for them catering to their customers?!  ;)

Filled with peanuts for protection during shipping :)

And wrapped in bubble wrap so everything shows up safe and sound, and in on piece :D
First up is Essie Mesmerise.  I first saw this polish on Swatch and Learn and fell in love!  So when I saw it was available on Nail Polish Canada, I knew it was mine! :D

Next is Zoya Irene.  This polish was on sale on Nail Polish Canada, regularly $8.75 and I paid $6.80!  I realize it's probably because it's "out of season", but I don't care, lol!  This is my first Zoya (yay me!) and I got it because I don't have anything like it, and it was on sale! :D  This is is an interesting olive shimmer polish and can't wait to try it :)

And next we have Zoya Summer.  Again, this polish was on sale, regular $8.75 and I got it for $6.80 (it is currently $6.00 if you go now!)!  Again, it is probably "out of season" but I was looking for a pale pink colour and after looking at swatches I liked this one the best.  It is a very soft pink/peach colour.  This is my other first Zoya polish :)

And the reason for the purchase was I was advised of a Discount Code to use to get a Soulstice polish for FREE!  So the first thing I did when I went to Nail Polish Canada was find the Soulstice polish I wanted to try.  The one that stood out for me was Geneva.  This is a shimmery dark mauve colour.  It looks more burgundy-ish in the bottle (swatches to come in a couple days).

To bring my total order to $25 I decided to get Essie Protien Base Coat.  I thought maybe this would help to prevent my nails from peeling.  No harm in trying :D  It came in a box, similar to all Essie nail treatment products.  The base coat looks like a milky white polish, so maybe it's chock full of good stuff for nails :D

If anyone is interested, I just checked and the Discount Code for the Soulstice polish is still in effect, so if you want to try out one of these polishes use the Discount Code TRYSOULSTICE783 upon checkout and you will get it for free (regular $8.50)! :D
Anyone have any of these colours?


  1. Awesome haul!!! Is the Soulstice really still for free? I didn't even bother trying as the email I received from NPC said it was only valid until Aug 20th... if I am wrong I will be one happy happy girl and I will be putting in an order this weekend!!!

    1. I tried it when I was writing the post and it seemed to work, so give it a try, but don't leave it too long ;)

  2. I also received the purple box filled with goodies this week!! I love NPC so much. I chose "Paris" as my free Soulstice Spa polish. I liked the colour more than I thought I would.

    1. That looks like a nice soft pink but dark enough to not be a "nude" colour. Did you find that the colour in the bottle is darker than on the nail?

  3. I'm a Zoya fanatic, but I had never seen Summer before! I have Irene though.

    Also when did they change to purple boxes!?! That's awesome...I feel a NPC haul coming on...

    1. Go get Summer, seriously! I love it! My swatch of it will be coming this week. Not sure when they changed to the purple box, but I love it! <3


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