Friday 24 August 2012

NOTD: Nfu Oh JS31

So I know that the title of this blog looks like some code for something really bad to happen, but it's not, I promise :D

I'd like to start out, however, with one major way to make a grown woman break down and cry... Broken nails!  Not one, but two and at the same time!!!  Just about lost it when it happened to me on Monday.

Ring and middle fingers on my right hand

Ring finger -- this was the worst of the two

Ring finger

Middle finger

So I filed these two nails down so they weren't broken anymore and left it like that for a day.  Then before I painted my nails I decided my claws needed hacked down anyways, so they are shorter in this post.  It's so much easier to type now :) AHHHHH! :D

Here is a quick picture of the length they were before the file-down happened (haha, I make it sound like Armageddon!).

Alright, so what I have for you today is Nfu Oh JS31.  By the way, can anyone tell me how to pronounce Nfu Oh?  So, nothing about the name JS31 gives away what this polish looks like -- I would describe it as a blue-raspberry blue colour, that's what it reminds me of :)

This polish is a jelly polish as recommended by Stephanie at Sincerely Stephanie.  All photos have 4 coats of the polish.

I just want to squish it!  In the words of Dory from Finding Nemo "I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he will be my Squishy."

This is my first time using a jelly polish on its own and I love it, I just love how.. squishy (for lack of a better word) it looks :D  I have done a jelly sandwich but that about sums up my previous workings with a jelly polish .. until now :D

What are your thoughts on jelly polishes?  Love 'em?  Hate 'em?


  1. Aww! "And he will be my Squishy!" One of my favourite lines in the movie! I like jelly polishes, but not the VNL it shows...

    1. Finding Nemo is one of my favourite movies of all time so as soon as I saw how squishy this polish looked, this was the first thing that ran through my head, lol!
      I know what you mean about the VNL. I wonder if a coat of white polish underneath would make it better and the jelly would still look the same.

  2. I do hate that feeling of breaking nails, no one else can understand except nail enthusiast.

    1. It is the worst :'( You "work" so hard to get them to that "perfect length" and then one breaks!


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