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10 Day Challenge -- Day 10 (we made it!)

Well, ladies, WE DID IT!  We have completed the 10-Day Nail Art Challenge!  Congratulations to all that were able to complete all 10 days.  It was hard work to have to change your nails every day, I know, but I'm so glad you all stuck it out with me! :D

For Day 10, the theme is "recreate your favourite".  For this, participants were able to recreate their favourite design of the other 9 days of the Challenge.  They could either re-do one of their own designs that they loved, re-do one that they wanted to do-over if they didn't like the first attempt, or they could recreate another participant's design from any of the 9 days.  Sometimes with a day like this in a Challenge, it's hard to just pick one to do :)

Let's go look at all the final entries!

Erica's Nails and More Day 10 entry (all votes for this will not count, I'm not going to give myself a prize ;) )
I decided to redo my gradient, but with my favourite colour. I used Julep Renee as my base colour and sponged on Julep Charlotte for my gradient. Then, I wanted to do some stamping as you ladies did some great stamping, and when I saw the butterfly (another of my favourite animal) I knew I had to do it. So there you have it, I wrapped up 3 in 1.. Day 1 (favourite colour), Day 2 (favourite animal) and Day 5 (gradient) all in one :D

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April Boulware Day 10 entry:
I redid the flowers challenge. I used Pure Ice Superstar as the base, the purple is Sinful Colors Let's Talk, the pink is Tip Top Pink Lady, and the green is Pure Ice Wild Thing.
dreamyMM Nails & Make Up Day 10 entry:
So the amazing 10 days of Erica's challenge has come to the last day. It was a great pleasure for me to participate as it was my first time ever...
My creation today "Spring Sunset Tiger" has a little bit of many days and that is because I couldn't choose just one day to recreate...
Day 1 "Favourite Colour" (Black)
Day 2 "Favourite Animal" (Tiger)

Day 3 "Favourite Season" (Spring)
Day 5 "Gradient" (Is the Technic I used for my background)
Day 6 "Polka Dots" (The centre of my flowers)
Day 7 "Flowers" (Cherry Blossom and Bonsai)
I used White Nail Polish as Base and all the nail art is made with Acrylic Paint Colours.

Erin Fleming Day 10 entry:
When I heard recreate your favourite, I thought immediately of Partly Cloudy's fall mani with the the braided accent finger. I used A-England's St. George, Princess Sabra and Tristam.
Thanks so much for hosting us Erica!
Lustrous Lacquer Day 10 entry:
For day 10 of the challenge we got to recreate our favorite Manicure. For me it was my Seran Wrap Mani. It was the one Id done that I least wanted to remove. I loved the way the colors felt so completely Fall like and vampy. I was surprised that I liked it so much since Im not normally a dark nail color fan. For my recreation I wanted to go for the same feel but with different colors. I used a base color of Zoya Fei Fei. Then I added Milani Hot Orchid. It was looking a little too pink and shiny for me so I then added Revlon French Roast and topped the whole thing off with a coat of Sech Vite. A big thanks to Erica's Nails and More for putting this challenge together. I had a ton of fun. And Congrats to all the Ladies who completed it with me. =)

Muffin Nails Day 10 entry:
Here it is! my design for the favorite season day really flopped, and I just had to try it again. Instead of doing trees this time, I did one tree on an island in the middle of an ocean. I know that this looks more like a summery scene, but I thought that the sunset kind of makes you think about the end of summer, when it transforms into autumn, which is my favorite part of the year. I hope you like it!
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Painted Nubbs Day 10 entry:
I redid day 3 but with a twist. I chose my second favorite holiday, Halloween, and did a water marble. I used Zoya Arizona, Tip Top Black Forest, and LA Colors Live. This is only my third time doing this.
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FingerFood Nails Day 10 entry: 
Final day and I'm really sad that its over!!! I've had so much fun with this - thanks for all the work you've put in :)
I've been wanting to do this kind of mani the whole way though as its one of my current favourites. I didn't know whether to use it to show off my fave colours at the beginning, or for the tie dye feel of summer on season day, or for the French tip variant, or for a twist on the gradient!!! So I saved it for today ;) I used Rimmel Sunshine, Revlon Siren and Sassy and Models Own Feeling Blue and Lilac Dream, and Nail Essentials Classic Pink.

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Sandra Bickel Day 10 entry:
I combined my three favorite into one terrific set of nails: flower, dots and spring time. I used Sinful Colors Innocent, Ruby Ruby and Snow me White, OPI Louvre me, Louvre Me Not.
Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Lacquer Day 10 entry:
For my Day 10 manicure, I used Amber Nolan's Day 6 polka dot manicure as inspiration! I love how classy it is and her color choices! For my manicure I used a dark grey sparkly unnamed polish from elf (2F01AS on the label) as the base and then added silver dots with a dotting tool using LA Colors Live. Thank you so much Erica for hosting this awesome challenge! It's been a lot of fun!
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See Jodi Polish Day 10 entry:
All good things must come to an end I suppose. I decided to re-try a french tip variant for my last submission as I wasnt 100% happy with my original entry. The polishes I used for this mani are L'Oréal's French Tip White (I thought it was appropriate), Julep's Daisy and Leah, and essence Walk on Air and Ultimate pink. This was my first time doing a paint drip manicure. I hope you like it!
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Sparkle and Shine Nails Day 10 entry:
I re-did yesterday's French Tip variant using the same concept I did, with different colors! My base is China Glaze Four Leaf Clover. I then used CG Lightning Bolt crackle for the tips and accent. HOWEVER, since I didn't use topcoat before I crackled, the white absorbed some of the green! I did a final topper of Zoya Maisie, because you can never go wrong with a little glitz :-D
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(Missing Amber Nolan's Day 10 entry :( )
No Naked Nails Day 10 entry:
I know its early, just after midnight but I seriously just finished these. Day 10 : Recreate fav.....Mine was the galaxy nails :) They are just so fun to do! I used the same colors as before I just added a matte topcoat and a few smaller stars (and a black hole) :)
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(Missing Samantha Dobbs' Day 10 entry :( ) 

Don't forget to head on over to the Facebook photo album for the Day 10 entries and vote for your favourite design(s)!  Voting starts today and is open until Friday September 28 at 11:59pm!  The owner of the design with the most likes will receive a prize :D  The winner will be announced Saturday September 29th on the Facebook page so make sure to come back and see who won!

Thanks again ladies for participating in my very first 10-Day Nail Art Challenge, I want to send you all a virtual bear-hug for making it such a success!  It was so great spending the last 10 days with you and your nails!

I will be hosting another Challenge starting in November, I hope all of you will be participating again (the timing will be changing slightly so you have a couple extra days for each design).  I will be posting all the details on Facebook and here on the blog sometime in October.  If you want to do a Challenge between now and then, make sure to come on over to SassyNails' Facebook page, she is hosting a Nail-aween Nail Art Challenge!  I will be participating in this one, so even if you don't want to participate, make sure you come back here and to the Facebook page to check out my designs for that Challenge!!

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