Wednesday 5 September 2012

NOTD: Zoya Summer

Hey Polish-istas!  Can you believe it's Wednesday already?!  Holy smokes, where has this week gone??  Anyone have big and exciting plans for the weekend?  Tyler, Owen and I are headed north again to a cottage for "Party Weekend".  Party Weekend consists of a bunch of friends getting together on the weekend after Labour Day for one last hoorah for summer :)  I'm not much of a partier, and the friends I go with have been doing this for 11 years (last year was my first year, everyone else going is older than me), so it's a lot "calmer" than when they first started the tradition, which is fine by me :)  We will be at a cottage from Friday afternoon-ish until Sunday sometime, soaking up the remains of the hot summer sun and enjoying the water :)  I just hope it doesn't rain as we will be tenting it -- there isn't enough room in the cottage for everyone to sleep inside.

Today's post features Zoya Summer.  This is a really pretty, not-quite-nude, not-quite-pastel, pinky/peachy colour.  I really love this colour and I am glad I chose it (helped that it was on sale ;) )

It's a little more pink in real life, my camera really picked up the peach in the colour, so it looks more nude than it actually is.  These pictures all have 3 coats of Summer :)  When I was wearing this, Tyler and I went hiking and I tripped over roots a few times and I feel it was because I was looking at this colour, it's so pretty :D

I got this from Nail Polish Canada (see my haul here) and if you go now you can get it for $6.00!!  And don't forget that with Nail Polish Canada, any order over $25 qualifies for free shipping in Canada :D  Weeeeeeeeee! (there's those polish fumes acting up again ;P )


  1. Perfect for anytime...really like it!

    1. It is perfect for anytime :D It's so soft, but not so much so that youre sitting there wondering if the person has polish on :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Victoria! I just wish I was able to capture it in its true colours :D


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