Sunday 7 October 2012

Nail Mail: Nail Polish Canada

So there has been a lot of hype about butter LONDON polishes lately on the Facebook groups and pages I follow.  A few weeks ago there was a sale on for 3 Butter London polishes and a top coat for $11!  I personally have never used butter LONDON, and never even heard about it until it was mentioned on the Facebook groups and pages.  So, being intrigued by this, I signed up, only to find out they do not ship to Canada... *sad panda*

So I went to my trusty source for everything polish (for Canadians!), Nail Polish Canada to see if they sell butter LONDON.  Sure enough, they do!  butter LONDON polishes are $17 per each on the site, which is a little steep for me.  However, they have a kit that you can buy that contains the Nail Foundation Base Coat, Hardware Top Coat, one colour polish of your choice, a little bottle of remover and a nail file, all for $46 Canadian, and with that you get free shipping (all orders over $25 get free shipping :D )!


Here's what I got:

(An excessively large box for what I actually got, just my opinion...)

Filled to the brim with Styrofoam peanuts!  These really are the best for packaging as they are so lightweight!

The kit before I opened it.  I decided to get Slapper with my kit.  I love the colour of it!  It's one my my new favourites :)

When I took the package out of the box, this is what it looks like.  My first thought was "wow those polishes are so tiny!"  I keep thinking, judging from pictures I see, that the butter LONDON polish bottles are larger than normal bottles.  Maybe it's the shape?

Let's start with the remover.  It's acetone free and smells like BABY POWDER!  I was so surprised by this, and it really does!  I was using it and Tyler turns around from his computer and says "what smells like baby powder??"  Haha!  So if he can identify that it smells like baby powder without knowing what I'm doing/that it's supposed to smell like baby powder, it's really true to it's source ;)  This bottle is.. small.. I was a little disappointed with how small it actually is :(  This bottle retails at $5 on Nail Polish Canada.

Here is the nail polish and top and base coats side by side.  You can see how little Slapper looks beside the other 2.  So cute :D

The Nail Foundation is an opaque polish in the bottle.  This retails for $21 on Nail Polish Canada.

While inspecting the bottles and taking pictures I found a little sticker on the lid that says "Lift to Open".. weird..  So I did and discovered that it wasn't going to be as awkward to paint my nails as I thought... though the polish bottle looks a little naked now, no??  (Simple things amuse simple minds, don't mind me ;) )

The Hardware P.D. Quick Top Coat is clear.  And again with the sticker on the lid, but I was OK now, I didn't have to investigate and document it this time ;)  This retails for $21 on Nail Polish Canada.

And finally, Slapper!  Wow, what a colour!  I absolutely love it, I knew I would before I even tried it! :D  It was the colour I was most drawn to on the butter LONDON website (that's how I decided what colour I wanted in my kit).  This retails for $17 on Nail Polish Canada.

I know I said that the kit also includes a nail file, but really, it's nothing to write home about, so I didn't include it in this post.  I definitely prefer the Julep normal (not glass) nail files to this one from butter LONDON.  It retails for $2.40 on Nail Polish Canada.

So for this kit, the retail value is $21 + $21 + $17 + $5 + $2.40 = $66.40 and I got it for $46.  I think that's a pretty OK deal.  If you are interested in this, check it out!

P.S. - I just checked and butter LONDON website has this same kit for $46 as well, but it's $9.95 for shipping.

Do you have any butter LONDON polishes?  Were you as amused by their polish bottles as me or am I just a little whacked??  What is your favourite butter LONDON polish?  I want to broaden my collection with more butter LONDON polishes so any colour recommendations are welcome :D


  1. Oooh awesome nail mail! I LOVE BL, my favorites are The Black Knight and Victoriana =)

    1. Thanks Jacqui! I have seen so many ladies with so many butter LONDON polishes that I like, but I really cannot justify spending that much on one bottle of polish! :(

  2. I am addicted to nailpolishcanada i just bought the man with the golden gun from them

    1. I am too, I'm so glad I found it a while back and I recommend it to anyone in Canada because sometimes it's harder for us to find some polish brands around here :)

  3. I just got my first one, BL Knackered...I LOVE it as a top coat. Would work nicely with the one you have...also looks good over pretty much ANY green...


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