Monday 15 October 2012

NOTD: Julep Blake

And here is the second blog post for today.  As I noted on Facebook, I have quite a growing stash of pictures ready for blog posts and it's causing a little bit of anxiety on my part because I want to use them up.  So I decided to do 2 blog posts per day until I have it back down to a manageable amount :)

For my second post I have for you Julep Blake.  I got this polish in a swap with the lovely JJ Joan in the Julep Swap Facebook group.  In exchange for this, I sent her my Rachel which I was really on the fence about.  Turned out I had the wrong address on the envelope I sent so it came back to me (I was starting to get worried when she hadn't received it after 3 weeks of my sending it).  So even with her telling me not to worry about it, I went ahead and resent it to her :)  I wanted her to have the polish she was looking for!  She received the second time and told me that it was the exact colour she was looking for and that I made her day :D  <3

Of course, her package came to me promptly, and I had to try Blake as soon as I got it :)  I love this colour, it's very Easter-y and can't wait to try it out in the spring with some Easter-inspired manis :)

Believe it or not, these pictures were taken using my refrigerator light.  I had a suggestion from Sarah Tyson over at Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Lacquer to use the fridge when trying to take pictures at night :)  Low-and-behold it worked! :D  This is 2 coats of Blake.  This colour, because it's pastel-y, went on a little streaky at first, but evened out with the second coat :)  (Gosh I miss my long nails when I look at these pictures :'( )

I'm not sure if I prefer this colour over Julep Daisy or not.  I'm not a big fan of the colour yellow, but both colours give me warm fuzzy feelings :)  Blake is definitely a lot softer than Daisy so if you are looking for a pastel yellow, I would highly recommend this one :)

Do you like sporting pastel polishes?  Do you wait until the "appropriate season" to wear certain colours or do you just wear what you feel like wearing when you "darn well" feel like wearing it?  I never let seasons depict what I wear, but then again, I'm not overly fashion-conscious, lol!  I just pick what I like and wear it; I just wear what makes me happy ;D

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