Sunday 14 October 2012

Tip Top Nails I Love Nails

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  It didn't snow anymore this weekend, and it's actually kinda warm out; overcast and rainy but warm :(

I have pulled another design from the archives.  For the next little while, if I'm not doing a Challenge design (Nail-aween Nail Art Challenge, Go Pink Wednesday, etc.) I will be pulling from the archives, I hope you guys don't mind.  I have so many that it's starting to cause a little anxiety for me, so I want to use as many up as I can :)

I have for you today a design I did for Tip Top Nails South Africa a while ago, it was due September 15.  The theme for that week was "Inspired by Insects" so I decided to do some Monarch Butterfly Nails.  I had attempted this earlier in the week (when I did my Julep Daisy and Parker Gradient) and it didn't turn out the best.  I showed Tyler and he thought they were pencils... So I redid them for this theme :)

I was pretty proud of these :D  With the submission of your design to Tip Top Nails, you have to include all your polishes and tools as well, so here is my entry with all my polishes and tools.

This is how I do all my entries, I think it's much easier than trying to get a good picture of your nails and getting all your tools and polishes in the picture too :)

Doing these themes for Tip Top Nails are so much fun.  Unfortunately I ran out of time this past week to do the Nautical theme :(  I really want to try it, so I have added it to my list of things to do so that I do them in the future :)

I also won't be doing the Back to School theme this coming week, but I'm hoping that the next week I will be able to come up with something :D

If you want to participate in the themes for Tip Top Nails South Africa, make sure to check out their Facebook page, and I have also included basic information and links on my Upcoming Challenges page here on the blog.  So if you're looking for something to do on your  nails, make sure you check it out! :D

Have you tried Monarch Butterfly nails?  Did yours look "like pencils" the first time you did them too?  If you have a picture of them, I want to see!  Post them on my Facebook page.

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