Friday 23 November 2012

Nail Polish Canada Challenge Week 1

Hello happy readers!  I hope all my US readers had/are having a wonderful Thanksgiving, and those of you who are out shopping in the Black Friday madness are being safe, and finding some awesome deals!!

Nail Polish Canada is having a Holiday Nail Art Challenge where bloggers can enter to win massive amounts of prizes :)  I saw originally saw this on Neverland Nail Blog while scrolling through my reading list on blogger.  I later found out the Nail Polish Canada sent out e-mails for this and was a little disappointed I didn't get an e-mail too, but I also haven't informed them that I'm a blogger so that may have something to do with it ;)

Anywho, the theme for the first week of the Challenge is Snow.  *sigh* I LOVE snow!  It's my favourite thing about winter.  I look forward to the winter season as soon as the last pile of snow is melted in the spring, and people around me, including my family, think I'm a little whacked.  I tell them "if you live in Canada, you probably should like snow" ;)  I really hate when people whine about it when the weatherman starts using the "s" word (snow) and the "f" word (flurries) when showing the forecast... you know where you live, you know what to expect :D

For this, I did some stamping.  I knew I had the perfect stamping plate for this theme - Bundle Monster BM-323, the full nail snowflake design :)  When I first got my Bundle Monster plates this is one that caught my eye (probably because of my obsession with snow ;) ).

I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On and Julep Gunta (dark blue) as my base colours, and Julep Fina (metallic light blue) for the stamping.  I was actually undecided what colour combinations to use so I consulted with my youngest sister and my mom to decide.  My sister like the white with metallic blue flakes and my mom liked the dark blue with metallic blue flakes.  I decided to combine it and did my nails white with accent nails in the blue.

I hope you guys love this as much as I do :D  Make sure to head on over to the site to vote for my design, and all  your favourites!!


  1. Found you on the voting page for the Holiday Nail Art Challenge and I wanted to personally say how much I love this!

    Such beautiful stamping!


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