Thursday 1 November 2012

November Nail Art Challenge -- Welcome!

LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN!  Well it's more just to have fun, but for some there may be days where it's something you have never done before :)  I hope everyone has fun with this Challenge, it's going to be just as great as the one in September!

If you're just tuning in, sign-up for this particular Challenge is now closed as today is the first day, but I plan to do a Nail Art Challenge every month.  If you want a run-down of what's going on, click here.  If you want to double check all the rules and regulations, here is the link.

So what all do we have to do?  Here is what all the lovely ladies who are participating are required to do over the next 30 days:

So basically, every 3rd day a new design is "due", completing 10 designs in 30 days.  With the Challenge we did in September, we did all designs in 10 consecutive days which a lot of us were finding to be a lot of work, and we weren't able to enjoy our designs.  Therefore, with this Challenges (and for Challenges from here on out) we will have to do a new design every 3 days.
Also with this Challenge, each person will be posting their design on their own blog or Facebook page.  We will be linking up through InLinkz so you will still be able to check out what everyone is doing :)  I will also be posting the pictures on the Facebook page in photo albums :)

I'm sure all the ladies who are participating would love for you to head on over to their blog and/or Facebook page and give them a little love :)  I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!  Here are all the links you will need :)
Amber N    Blog     Facebook page
Carrie B     Blog     Facebook page
Cassi P     Blog 
Danette F    Blog
Emma C      Blog     Facebook page
Erin F    Blog
Janet V     Blog     Facebook page
Kara S     Blog     Facebook page
Kari Marie A     Blog
Kelli H     Blog     Facebook page
Melissa M     Blog     Facebook page
Patricia K     Blog     Facebook page
Sam F     Blog     Facebook page
Sam M     Blog     Facebook page
Sammi B     Blog     Facebook page
Sandra B     Blog     Facebook page
Sarah T     Blog     Facebook page
Shea C     Facebook page
Shiella Marie P     Blog     Facebook page

Ladies who are participating, if you have a blog or Facebook page and I don't have the information, please send me an e-mail with your information.

I hope everyone has fun!  Be creative with your nail art!

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