Tuesday 5 March 2013

Make It Stick Vinyl Nail Decals - 3 Heart Cluster

Good morning everyone!  Today I have something super exciting to show you, and I am totally obsessed with these now!

A few weeks ago, April from Make It Stick offered to send me samples of her vinyl nail decals that she makes and of course I was all over it ;)  These things are so cool!  I decided to gussy-up Ruby White Tips Man Eater with some :)

Here is how April sent me my decals.  I almost didn't want to open them, it was so pretty!!

1 - Batman in Black
2 - Clover in Dark Green
3 - Heart in Red
4 - High Heel (LOVE) - in Black
5 - Mickey Mouse in Black
6 - Star in White
7 - 3 Star Cluster in White
8 - 3 Heart Cluster in Red
9 - 3 Heart Cluster in White
10 - Barbie Head in White
11 - Lightening Bolt in White
12 - Crown in Black
13 - Puzzle Piece in White

I was pretty overwhelmed when I opened the baggie and found ALL those designs!!!  April, you are the best, and I can't wait to get my order I have placed :D  Now I just have to come up with some awesome designs to use these with :D

I started with the 3 Heart Cluster in White and applied them over Ruby White Tips Man Eater.

The decals are super easy to apply!  The instructions are as follows (taken from the Make It Stick shop):
  1. Peel the transfer tape off the backing and and the decal will be attached to the transfer tape.
  2. Apply the decal with transfer tape attached where desired.
  3. Rub well on your nail and peel off transfer tape.
  4. Trim edges
  5. Apply a couple layers of clear coat to cover and protect the decal for longer wear.
I wasn't thinking and these only took me less than 5 minutes to apply to all 10 nails, honestly, so I didn't take "process" pictures.  I will with the next ones :D

You can get your own Make It Stick nail decals, or wall decals as she does those too, in the online shop.  As of right now she doesn't have shipping to anywhere other than the US, so if you are international, send her a message through the shop, or e-mail her, and I'm sure she will be able to work something out with you!  Also, make sure to give her Facebook page a like so you can keep updated with all her new designs!!  I have already placed an order for more even though I still have 12 of the sheets she sent me for review left, that's how much I love them!!


  1. These are actually really cool! I never thought to do vinyl decals before. Definitely going to check these out!

  2. What is transfer tape? Sorry, don't mean to be dumb. Does it come with the decals?

    1. Yes, it comes with the decals. When you get the decals, they come on a white backing and then there is a clear "tape" that when you peel it off, it pulls the decals off the white backing and you can place them on your nail without using tweezers, etc. I will do "how to" pictures with the next ones :D

  3. OK, thanks! They are so pretty!


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