Wednesday 3 April 2013

Julep Scarlett

All polishes are purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.

Good morning!  I'm really getting on a roll with posting :)  It's making me happy actually :)  Though I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself because I have lots prepared :)

Up today was my first "random pick" from the Excel file I created to pick polish for me when I have no idea what to put on my nails - Julep Scarlett!

This is 2 coats of Scarlett, and while it isn't maybe the most unique colour, it's gorgeous :)  It is red leaning ever-so-slightly orange with a shimmer, and it's pretty bright so if you like deeper reds, this may not be for you.  I got this polish in the December full collection, and this red is so perfect for Christmas :)

The polish has more shimmer in it than I was able to capture on the camera, but it was a little more subtle than it showed in the bottle.  I'm good with that though :D

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