Tuesday 16 April 2013

Kelara Lacquers Seaside and Julep Glenda

All polishes are purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.

Good afternoon lovely readers!  I hope your day is going good!  So far mine is, which makes the day that much better ;)

Today I have for you Kelara Lacquers Seaside from yesterday, topped with Julep Glenda.

So when I put Seaside on, I didn't know what to do over top of it, and I didn't want to leave it just plain, though I have been doing that a lot and I apologize for the lack of nail art lately.. I have no inspiration :(  Anywho, I looked at my racks .. polish racks that is .. and decided on another crackle (I'll be hooked for the next little bit, lol!).  I was going to do Julep's Sabrina, which is an orange shimmer crackle, but thought that might be too much, so I went with Julep Glenda (the good witch), a silver shimmer crackle.  This came in the October Maven boxes, and I believe this is the one I actually got in the box (I went back after and bought the other 3 on their own).

I found that this polish did kind of the same as the Tip Top Nails Shattered and it got a little goopy around the top of the bottle as I was using, though this wasn't as bad.  Other than that, it was good to work with.  With it getting goopy and drying on the top of the bottle, I did have a couple nails on my right hand that got little flakes of dry polish stuck in it.  That's why I photograph my left hand ;)

After I did this mani, I went and showed my sister and her reaction is as follows:
Erica:  Look at my nails! *shows Sarah who is lounging in bed, playing on her iPod*
Sarah: *gasp* Oh my God! *jumps up and pulls her socks off* We did the same thing!

I mean, really?!  What are the chances?!  LOL!  Of all the polish that is in the house, we happened to pick the same colour combination for our nails, hahaha!  I don't think she used Seaside, but it was blue with Glenda, it's the only silver crackle I have.

Anywho, if you want to get some Julep polishes (they also have products like pedi creme), make sure to check out the information page (sorry if this is getting repetitive...), click the link to take your style quiz and sign up to become a Maven!

And don't forget that Kelara Lacquers is available in their online store, and Seaside is in the Fantasy Collection.

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