Thursday 18 April 2013

Tip Top Nails Night Rider

This polish was sent to me as a gift from Tip Top Nails.

I hope everyone is having a good Thursday :)  I have to write my exam for my online course tomorrow, so I'm a bit nervous about that because I feel like the second half of the course went right over my head :(  Ah well!  It's almost over, lol!

Today's polish is another Tip Top Nails polish that Joan sent me for participating in the Cupcakes 4 Kids nail art week on the Facebook page last summer.  This is Night Rider!  I chose this one because the COTW for my nail group is Silver/Gold.

This is 3 really easy coats of Night Rider, I did find the formula kind of thin and watery.  At first it was really brush stroke-y, but when I put my top coat (Julep Freedom - which I'm still not 100% sold on) on it evened out quite a bit, though brush strokes are still slightly visible.

I'm not sure if I like the colour on my own skin tone, but it is a nice colour.  I did want to "stud it up" with some black studs and nail art because it seemed like a very biker-chick-ish silver colour, but I don't have any black studs/rhinestones, lol!

I also just realized that this polish goes great with my current blog colours!  I did that on purpose of course ;)

If you want your own bottle of Night Rider, you have to be in Africa/South Africa as Tip Top Nails does not ship internationally.  Either that or you will have to have someone in Africa/South Africa who can order it and ship it to you :)  But, if you head on over to their Facebook page, you can keep up with some cool tip and useful nail care information!  They also have weekly nail art competitions you can join in on (which I really should get my butt in gear for!).

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