Tuesday 10 July 2012

July Julep Maven Box Add-On

Hey everybody!  I got more nail mail today!  It was my add-on to my July Maven Box, Daphne.  This is a beautiful dusty teal colour.

There was a lot of controversy over this colour on the Julep Facebook page because the actual colour didn't match the swatches they posted when they sent us the e-mails as to what would be in the July boxes.  I have to say, no, they don't match but I think that I like the "real" colour even more than the colour that was shown in the Julep swatches.

The add-ons for the Maven Boxes ship separately from the complete box because they pre-package all the Maven Boxes so rather than confusing the issue to put additional polishes in thousands of boxes, they ship your add-on order separately.  Some people don't like this because it's not as "environmentally friendly", but the boxes are cardboard and everything in it is recyclable, so I don't see a problem with it.

Here's what I opened --

The add-ons come in a little box, it's so cute!  And it's filled with the lovely crinkle paper as the bigger boxes.

So yet again, as soon as I opened the box, I knew I would have to paint my nails this beautiful colour -- so here is my NOTD :D

And no, you're not seeing things... I added watermarks to my photos.  Thanks to Stephanie at Sincerely Stephanie, I have a really easy program to work with for this.  It's very user friendly :)

Also, here is the swatch photo from Julep from when the e-mails went out about the July Maven Boxes -- which "version" do you prefer -- the colour in their photo or the colour in mine?

Daphne is swatched on the right side


  1. I kind of like yours better-i am more of a "dusty" or darker kind of person. These summer brights are just not me-I have tried a bunch since joining Julep but always go back to darker! Great pics btw! Very professional looking!

    1. Thanks Jean! I like the "dusty" version better too :) Though I can't say I prefer darker polishes, lol! And thanks for the compliment on the pictures :D I am just using a Canon "point and shoot" camera (that term comes from my sister who is going to school for photography), not a DSLR. It's sometimes hard to get the pictures to be in focus because my hand taking the picture ends up shaking because I'm not holding it with 2 hands :P

  2. I was a bit bummed with the colour, but I don't hate it.

    1. I think a lot of people were, but I wasn't. I was really hoping, with seeing everyone's comments on the Facebook page, that I would still like it and I do :)


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