Thursday 2 August 2012

31 Day Challenge - Completed May 16 2012

Hey girlies!
So I mentioned in my post yesterday that I would try to have some sort of post made up to post for today as I will be "MIA" for the weekend as Tyler and I are north-bound for camping for the Civic Holiday long weekend :)

I thought I would post about my first real glimpse into the nail art world :)  Brittnie over at Painting Outside the Lines (the first nail art page I became a fan of on Facebook) hosted a 31-Day Nail Art Challenge for her Facebook fans beginning on April 17 and ending on May 16.  I was really on the fence about participating because I didn't know if I could do it, I didn't know if I would have time to change my nail polish every day.  I decided to jump in with both feet and do it, and I'm SO glad I did! :D  I learned so much from this Challenge, and this is the reason I'm so addicted to nail art now ;)
Check out my entries:

So what was the criteria?  The pictures follow the order of the Challenge, left to right, top to bottom.

Day 1 -- Red
Day 2 -- Orange
Day 3 -- Yellow
Day 4 -- Green
Day 5 -- Blue
Day 6 -- Purple/Violet
Day 7 -- Black and White
Day 8 -- Metallic -- my youngest sister's toes
Day 9 -- Rainbow
Day 10 -- Gradient*

Day 11 -- Polka Dots
Day 12 -- Stripes
Day 13 -- Animal Print
Day 14 -- Flowers
Day 15 -- Delicate Print
Day 16 -- Tribal Print*
Day 17 -- Glitter
Day 18 -- Half Moons*
Day 19 -- Galaxies*
Day 20 -- Water Marbled

Day 21 -- Inspired by a Colour (I picked Julep Charlotte, a beautiful grape purple)
Day 22 -- Inspired by a Song* (I picked "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
Day 23 -- Inspired by a Movie* (I picked The Hunger Games) -- my youngest sister's toes
Day 24 -- Inspired by a Book* (I picked Twilight)
Day 25 -- Inspired by Fashion* (I picked corset nails)
Day 26 -- Inspired by a Pattern* (I picked "paisley")
Day 27 -- Inspired by Artwork* (I picked "stained glass")
Day 28 -- Inspired by a Flag* (I picked the Canadian Flag)
Day 29 -- Inspired by the Supernatural* (I picked ghosts)
Day 30 -- Inspired by a Tutorial* (I picked cutepolish's Angry Birds tutorial, it was a request from my nephew)

Day 31 -- Re-create your favourite challenge! (I picked half moons because my original one didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to)

All the ones that are starred (*) are my very first attempts of that particular nail art style :)
My all-time favourite of all these designs is definitely my Twilight nails (day 24).  I am a Twi-hard, so when these nails turned out like they did I was jumping for joy (in my head anyways, lol) and was so proud of myself! :D
All designs are done with a toothpick and nail polish from my own collection.  I did use some striper polishes and nail stamping for a few of them.

I improved my nail art techniques so much with this Challenge and I had so much fun completing it!  Everyone that completed the Challenge got a little prize from Brittnie :)  There were also a vote for the "most liked" design for Day 31.  This person received a larger prize, but it wasn't me, lol!  That's ok though, I wasn't in it for the prizes, I was in it for the fun of it, and all the learning I was going to do :D

French Nail Tip Guides, Roll of Red Sparkly Striping Tape, 2 Nail Wheels, 2 Fimo Sticks, White Flower Nail Stickers
(the 2 polishes I purchased when she had a polish sale in the middle of the Challenge, so she sent it all together)
 If you have any questions about what colours I used either comment below or send me an e-mail (  I figured the post was long enough without going into that much detail ;)

That's it for me until probably Monday, so have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wonderful!!! :D I love looking at nail art!!! :D

    1. Me too, I could do it all day, if I didn't have to work that is lol!
      I learned so much by doing this Challenge and got to see so many beautiful nail designs by the other participants :)


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