Monday 6 August 2012

August Julep Maven Box Add-Ons

Happy Civic Holiday everyone!  For those of you not in the areas of Canada that celebrate the Civic holiday, Happy Monday! :D

I made it through my camping weekend.  We had hot, almost unbearable heat on Saturday and torrential downpours and really close thunderstorms Saturday night, and nobody had a very good sleep :(  I wanted to stay longer because I don't want to go back to work, but also couldn't wait to get home to paint my nails ;P

So I am expecting a lot of nail mail over the next week or so, and of course some of it came on Friday before I left for camping :(  It was the only thing in the mail box, lol!  I received my add-ons for my Julep August Maven Box before my actual box, so I thought I would do my blog post on it tonight :)

Let's see what I got...

This month, there were SO many great colour choices that I had to add-on two colours.  I try so hard to resist, honest I do... It's just so hard!  I added Dakota which is described as rose gold metallic chrome, and Harley which is described as liquid silver metallic chrome.  I loved the look of Dakota so I had to get it, and I have wanted a "real" metallic chrome that didn't have glitter/sparkles in it like a lot of silver colours do.

I tried on Dakota tonight.  I like this colour, but I don't know if I love it.  I think that it blends in too much with my skin tone.  Maybe I will try some nail art or stamping on it, I feel that will make it look much better :D

My skin, cuticles and nails are SO dry from camping.  The lot that we were on was right on the water, we had our own beach, and the entire lot was sand.  So between the swimming, and the sun and heat on Saturday; and the sand and dirt that comes with tenting for a weekend, everything dried out so bad and I forgot to bring hand lotion with me :(  Guess I will be slathering on the lotion and Sunny's Miracle Balm tonight before bed :)

I also had to file my nails down over the weekend because they were starting to peel and chip.  I painted them Julep Jennifer Thursday night before bed (didn't have time to do a blog post with it before I left) just to have something on my nails, but not something that would be noticable to others if it chipped.  On Friday, a few hours after we had set up our campsite, the nail polish had already started to crack :(  I ended up picking most of it off by the time I got home today.

What Julep Maven box did you guys get for August?  Did you get any add-ons?


  1. Hey Erica..I really like Dakota on you. I ordered it as well as an add on (along with Kim and the remover) I am going camping this weekedn aswell and I am really trying to decide on wether I will paint them dark/light/ or maybe a water marble(to not show chipping as much) Glad to see you had fun on your trip. Unfortunately for us it seems as though it will probably rain all weekend :( ... hoping for sunshine.... :)
    Vanessa Anne Boutin

    1. Hey Vanessa! Thanks! :) I am still wearing Dakota today, still trying to decide if I love her or not. I think I'm on the fence because it's not as shiny as I was expecting, it's more "muted", and I would consider it "coppery" rather than rose-gold.. but maybe that's just my eyes :) It's a really pretty colour, but I just don't know if I like it on me :)
      And I hope that you don't get rain! Nothing is worse than camping in the rain :( Are you tenting or in a trailer?
      Next time I go camping I think I'm not going to paint my nails because it just chips too easy when you're setting up tents, etc. And I didn't take any remover with me so I was picking at it all weekend :(


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