Friday 17 August 2012

Girly Bits Swatches

Hey everybody!  You've been so patient with me in regards to my dragging out this nail haul over the last few days and I want to say thanks for hanging in there! :D  This is the last of what I recieved earlier this week, but I'm sure there will be more for next week :)

Today I have for you the swatches of the polishes I received from Girly Bits.  Let's take a look :D  Keep in mind that I am only showing you half of my haul, as I mentioned the other half is for Christmas gifts :D

First we have Roger That.  This show-stopper is a medium-ish blue with holo glitter through it and it just about knocked my socks off!  I think this is an absolutely stunning colour, and the story behind it's creation is a tear-jerker, you can read it here.  This is my very first holographic polish and I'm so glad I got it, I am so happy with it :D  It's definitely one of those "pay attention to me" kinda polishes ;)

Here it is without a flash, yet it still has the beautiful rainbow holo flowing through it :)

If this polish could be personified, it would definitely be a pyro -- it needs to light a fire on your fingernails no matter what ;)  And I know that this polish is a lot to look at as it is, but I can't help but wonder what it would look like with some stamping -- any suggestions on what I could try?  These pictures are with 3 coats of Roger That.

Alrighty, now that I have your hearts racing, take a look at this one!  The other polish I got for myself is Hocus Pocus.  This is a holographic topcoat-type polish that you can put over any colour to turn it into a rainbow holographic work of art.  Now, I took pictures of my polish before and after I applied Hocus Pocus to it so you can see the difference.  So firstly, we have LA Colors Atomic, which is a darker teal colour.  This is a really pretty colour on it's own, and I did take pictures with the flash but they turned out showing the colour a lot brighter of a teal than what it really is, so I decided not to post them.

This is 2 coats.  This colour is a colour that craves nail art, I have worn it on its own and it's a touch "boring", though maybe not if you don't have something like this already :)  I found these at my local Urban Planet store on sale maybe a year or more ago for 5 for $10, and have also seen them at a couple dollar stores for $2 each.

I then added the Hocus Pocus polish to add a little fire under Atomic's pants and this is what I came up with.  I'm sorry the pictures are slightly blurry -- my camera was acting up and the display screen sucks so I can't tell what the pictures really look like until I get them on the computer.

I like this look, but I don't know if I love it.  Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think it has anything to do with Hocus Pocus, I think I picked the wrong colour to layer it with.  Hocus Pocus has an ever-so-slight grey base, so I'm wondering if this would look better over a white or grey rather than a teal.  I will definitely be giving it another shot, no question on that.  I love the fire that it gives to the colour, but it's harder to see with the teal colour so that's why I'm wondering if a more neutral colour would be better for this topcoat.  I put just 1 coat of Hocus Pocus over Atomic.

Have you guys tried either of these colours?  Any suggestions for base colours to layer with Hocus Pocus?  I'm defiitely open to suggestions :)

And don't worry, I will post the details, reactions and swatches for the "mystery Christmas gift" polishes when they are unwrapped in about 4 months' time :D

So where can you get yourself these polishes?  Head on over to the Girly Bits online store.  Pam has lots (and LOTS) of wonderful polish choices, so make sure you pick yourself up a couple while you're there ;)


  1. WHAT!!??!!?!?! A holographic top coat!!! I NEEEEED!!!

    1. It's definitely great, and Pam is a great person to work with! She has so many great polishes on her site, so make sure to check them out! :D


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