Wednesday, 22 August 2012

NOTD: Back to School Nail Art

Hey everyone!  Today I have for you my Back to School nail art for Spicey'z Nails' "Back to School" nail art contest that she is having until September 10.  Here is the link to the contest information.

For those of you who follow my page on Facebook, I have been advertising that is is Muffin Nails that is having the contest, but I was wrong.  I am so sorry for the confusion!  I hope both of these ladies can forgive me for my mistake :(

Ok, now that I have that off my chest and cleared up, onto the nails! :)

I used so many colours for this design I will try to remember them all and list them at the bottom :)

  • Thumb nail - apple manicure inspired by cutepolish's tutorial.  For this I used Jessica Red Delight, Cherimoya Dark Brown and Julep Courteney.
  • Index nail - note paper manicure, I have seen this around the nail community.  For this I used L'Oréal I Will! (white), Avon Lagoon (blue) and Jessica Red Delight.
  • Middle nail - pencil manicure inspired by Muffin Nails (who said she was going to do pencils, so I came up with this design from her mentioning it).  For this I used the tape method to get the point (cut a triangle into a piece of tape and put it on my nail) then painted with Julep Alyson (nude).  Then I painted over that with Julep Daisy (yellow) and did the lines with Julep Parker.  The lead I did with Jordana Pop Art Black Mark striper polish.
  • Ring nail - chalkboard manicure, again I have seen this around the nail community, but with math equations so I thought I would do letters instead :)  For this I used Julep Emilie for my chalkboard and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow.  I topped it with Essie Matte About You topcoat to give it a matte finish.
  • Pinky nail - converse shoe nails, because every good student needs a new pair of shoes to start off a new year :D  For this I used Avon Blue Shock, L'Oréal I Will!, Jordana Pop Art Star Designer (silver) and Jordana Black with a toothpick.
I hope everyone participates in Spicey'z Nails' Back to School nail art contest.  I love doing nail art contests :)  And again, I apologize for the mix-up in who is hosting it.  I feel so bad about it :(


  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE this!! I really wish you could do my nails for my first day of school. My kids would surely get a kick out of it! Great job :)

    1. Thanks Lauren! I think you and I need to live closer together ;)

  2. This is so awesome!!! I love it!! :D I love how you made the chalkboard nail matte :D!!!

    1. I thought it would give it a more "authentic" look cause chalkboards aren't shiny ;) And when they are they are very difficult to write on :)


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