Monday 20 August 2012

September Julep Maven Box PREVIEW

Happy Monday everyone!  Happy Julep Day my fellow Mavens!  Today is a VERY special day in the Maven community -- it's Maven Box Preview Day!  YAY!!!! :D

With the Maven Program, on the 20th of every month, all Mavens receive an e-mail with a preview of what their next "box of the month" will contain :)  At this time you can choose to keep what you are previewed and that is what you will receive, change your mind and pick another style for that month or skip the month altogether.  You have until the 24th of the month to make up your mind.

This morning, before I even got my e-mail, I went over to and signed into my account to see what I would be getting as a Classic With a Twist Maven.  This is what I saw:

Now, don't get me wrong, these colours may be perfect for someone else, but I really wasn't feeling them.  I have another nude colour from Julep (Alyson) and I really am not a fan.  Also, I don't know that I would wear an "off-black" polish colour on a regular basis.  However Julep has come out with a mascara for this month's product.  Interesting...  I need a new mascara, so this is pretty cool.  I can't wait to try it :)
So I browsed through the rest of my options.

I thought about the colours I already have from Julep, and other brands, and what colours from these boxes appealed to me.  

First up -- American Beauty:
I'm not sure about white -- the only time I ever use it is for a base colour for nail art, or in nail art, never on its own, so I didn't think that would be beneficial for me to get that box, though Hoch (who came up with these names?!) is a very pretty colour.
Next -- Boho Glam:
I like both the blue and green, and I have nothing like these in my collection of polishes.  This is an option that I like.
Next -- Bombshell:
I don't know about the yellow.  I'm not a fan of yellow anything, and I'm not sure about wearing a "dijon mustard yellow" on my fingernails... so this option appears to be "out".
Next -- It Girl:
Again, with the yellow, and another nude polish... even though I like the red, I'm not in love with this box.

Now, this is something completely different from Julep this month.  As I made a note of in my Julep Maven Program page, there is a chance for 100 lucky Mavens to receive a Golden Box which contains all polishes and products from this month's boxes.  But this month, they are giving Mavens the option to PURCHASE a "Golden Box" (the entire collection) for an additional $30 (so $49.99).

Great idea -- however, because I'm not swooning over every single colour this month, this is a no-go for me.  Plus, without spending the additional $30, I still have a chance to win the entire collection for the $19.99 I pay for the Maven Box anyways.  If I win, great, if not I won't be disappointed for this month.

*EDIT* Thanks to Anne's comment, I found out that the "normal" Golden Boxes are not the entire collection this month, they are 5 polish colours and a bonus product, a value of $108.00.  I didn't see this in my e-mail originally, so I apologize if I misled some people in regards to this month's Golden Box.

So, before I make my final decision on what to get, I looked at the swatches on the Julep Blog to see what appealed to me "in real life".

American Beauty colours
Eileen: Antique bright white creme
Hoch: Mod emerald green creme

Boho Glam colours
Gunta: Elevated royal blue creme
Popova: Youthful kelly green creme

Bombshell colours
Annie: Electric blue topaz creme
Alma: Retro dijon yellow creme

Classic With a Twist colours
Sophie: Chic truffle mushroom creme
Brandt: Opaque off-black creme

It Girl colours
Otte: Rich camel neutral creme
Delaunay: Chili pepper red creme
Alma: Retro dijon yellow creme

So after some nail polish "soul searching" I decided to go with the Boho Glam box this month.  I think that this box has the colours I will wear most often.  I also would like to try a brown mascara -- I have never tried brown before, so it will be something new for me :)  I also will not be adding any Add-Ons this month, there are none that are "add-on worthy" for me.

I'm a little disappointed with the colours this month.  I'm not ecstatic over any of the colours really.  But I know that with past experience I will end up falling in love with Gunta and Popova (the blue and green colours) in the Boho Glam box I have chosen.  The thing that I do like, however, is that all the polishes are cremes, not glitters, metallics, etc.  My favourite type of polish is definitely the creme finish.

What do you think of the September Julep Maven colours?  What are my fellow Mavens getting this month?


  1. Actually, the golden box this month is 5 polishes and a surprise bonus instead of the full collection.

    1. Oh, I didn't see that in my e-mail until you commented. Oh well, that's ok :) I would be happier with the 5 (plus bonus) rather than all items myself anyways :)


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