Friday 2 November 2012

NOTD: Julep Mystery Yellow

Happy Friday ladies!  *glances at clock* Sorry this is so late being posted :(  I've been busy today and have finally got a chance to get this post typed up :)

Tyler and I are visiting my sister this weekend.  A couple of weeks ago she was out with her friends and had her wallet and iPhone stolen, literally right out from under her nose :(  I have no idea what is wrong with society these days, but some people need a big 'ol slap upside the head!  Anywho, so we came down to visit and to help her get around town to get all of her forms filled out.  She is a full-time student and has a part-time job on weekends, at the bar where she got her stuff stolen (but she wasn't working at the time).  So we did all that today because government offices here in Ontario, and probably all of Canada, don't like to be conveniently open on weekends for long enough that normal people can get to them, and during the week they are normally only open until about 4pm.  We got everything done, came back home, she got ready and went to work... and I decided to have a nap :)  After waking up, Tyler and I took a while to decide what to have for dinner and just finished, so now it's blog time :D

Today I have a swatch from the archive, Julep's Mystery Yellow that came in the September Mystery Box.  I know, I know, it's been a while since I got this, lol!

This yellow is very similar to Julep's Daisy, but it does have a hint of shimmer to it, and it's definitely more opaque than Daisy.  I prefer this to Daisy, but I am partial to them both even though I'm not a fan of the colour yellow.. if that makes any sense whatsoever, lol!

I am finding I am using this colour a lot for nail art because it is more opaque than any yellow I have, and it's a pretty "true" yellow - not a baby yellow, not a green-yellow, not an orange-yellow.  And the shimmer in it, though it isn't in-your-face, it's there enough to give it something a little more :)

Do you like yellow as a colour, or could you take it or leave it?
Also, I will try to have a post up earlier tomorrow, but we're going to Cora's for breakfast (O.M.G. YUM!  I love breakfast and I LOOOOOVE Cora's!) and not sure what we are doing the rest of the day :)


  1. Oh, I really like this- more than Daisy, and I am a fan of her too. This looks like a true school bus yellow to me? Or is that just my inner teacher coming out haha!

    1. No, I agree, I think Daisy looks like school bus yellow, and Mystery Yellow does too, but a BRAND NEW sparkly school bus :D

  2. Very pretty colour, i would have never thought of it for my nails, but i might have to try it.


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