Saturday, 23 February 2013

Gel II Rip Tide

Happy Saturday lovelies!  Today is a great day, I had some weight lifted off my shoulders last night and I feel so much better!

So, yesterday was a complete waste of a day, it seems.  I meant to do this post yesterday, but didn't end up getting around to it.  I got up early and went to the gym with Tyler so that he could train a client and I would workout in the meantime.  Then we went and looked at our first house (YAY!), and while it was an OK house, it's not what we are looking for and I'm pretty sure Owen would give us that look that says "and where am I supposed to poop" when he saw the backyard - it was pretty tiny.  Then we came home, watched some TV, then Tyler went back to the gym for his evening clients and I had an off-and-on nap from about 3:30-ish till 5:30-ish, then came to Tyler's mom's house to wait for him to come home.  I was so lazy that I didn't even get my laptop out or turned on until today, lol!

Today I have for you my swatches for Gel II Rip Tide.  This is another gel polish, and I love it so much.  The funnest part about it - it's colour changing!!  Gel II has recently released their Reaction Gel collection which is a colour changing collection that changes with temperature.

This polish goes from a beautifully vibrant dark blue with a touch of purple in it when it's cold to a beautiful pale baby blue when it's warm :)  I really love this one, and it's so interesting to see the polish change based on the temperature of your fingers.  Sometimes I have 2 dark blue nails and the rest light blue, or all light blue except one, it really depends :)  Usually they are all dark blue because my fingers are generally cold.

If you want to know more about how the Gel II polish works, check out this post.  Gel II can be purchased in the Gel II online store.  The regular gels are $14.99USD each, and the Reaction gels are $16.99USD each.  And remember, if you are in the US and your order is over $75USD, your order will ship for FREE!  Orders shipped to Canada will have a flat shipping rate of $15USD, Mexico $20USD, and UK $25USD.

What do you think of colour changing polish?  Are you as amused by it as I am?


  1. Wow! The colour changing gel is lush, and still works out pretty cost effective to the UK even with shipping *happy dance* :D

    1. I know! I have an orange one coming up soon, so make sure to watch for it :) Let me know if you end you getting some Gel IIs :D They are so fun to work with, and I never thought I would say that about a gel ;)


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