Thursday, 21 February 2013

February Nail Art Challenge Day 8

Howdy readers!!  It's Thursday, my last day of work - yippee!!!  Bring on the weekend so I can sleep in :D

Today is Day 8 of the Challenge, can you believe it's almost over?!  Only one more day to go, what ever will I do when it's all over?!?!  Day 8 is all about Polka Dots :D  I love me some dotticures, they are so easy to execute and the combinations are seriously endless!  All you need is polish and something pointy.  Personally, I use a tailor's pin stuck in the eraser of a pencil, an unfolded paperclip, or a toothpick, or a combination of them all, to create my dotticures.  You could also use a dried up ball point pen or the lead end of a pencil.  No need to buy those fancy schmancy dotting tools when you have so many around the house ;)

Yep, I'm playing with watermarks again :)  Rachel from Top Coat It inspired this one, though I don't want to pay $800-$900 to buy Adobe PhotoShop, so I just used my photo editing program to do this :)

I love this mani!  For this I used another gel polish, Gel II Rip Tide, as my base colour.  This is a SUPER FUN gel - it's colour changing!  I will be doing a post about this on its own tomorrow.  It's "cold" colour is this lovely dark blue, and it has a slightly purple tint to it that wouldn't capture on camera.  Then my polka dots are Zoya Rica (my untried) and Julep Mystery Yellow.  These are dotted with my tailor's pin in a pencil dotting tool :)

What is your favourite form of nail art?

Make sure to come back on Sunday to see what nails I recreated!  *hint* I recreated another participant's design that I fell head-over-heels for!


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    1. Thanks! I thought that the blue would help the yellow and orange to pop even more!


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