Wednesday 1 August 2012

NOTD: 365 Days of Color Bora Bora Layered

Hey everybody!  It's Wednesday, we made it half way through this week :D

For today, I took last night's Avon Cotton Candy and layered 365 Days of Color Bora Bora over top.  It thought that maybe with it layered over the pink polish it would help bring out the pink micro glitter.  I'm not sure that it does, but it did turn my nails a lovely purple-ish colour :D  And I LOVE purple in any way, shape or form! :)

Because Bora Bora is fairly sheer, you can see the Cotton Candy coming through it, so sometimes when I look down at my nails, you can see patches of Cotton Candy peeking through :)

I think layering Bora Bora over Cotton Candy helped bring out the pink a little bit but I definitely prefer Bora Bora on its own.

By the way, I apologize that I haven't been posting photos in natural light/outside recently.  With the days being shorter than they were a few weeks ago, I run out of daylight before I can get my nails done and ready for pictures every night.  Dang this going to work and going to the gym business!  It's getting in the way of beautiful outdoor nail pictures *shakes fist* lol!

Bora Bora can be found in 365 Days of Color's shop.  If you are interested in homemade Indie polishes, she has some really unique creations :D

This may be the last blog post I have until Monday.  Tyler and I are headed north with some friends to go camping for the Civic Long Weekend and we have to get lots of packing done tonight and tomorrow night before we leave at lunch time on Friday.  I will try to do up another blog post to schedule for tomorrow, just to give you guys something to look at over the weekend :D

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