Wednesday 19 September 2012

10 Day Challenge -- Day 4

Morning everyone!  I am so impressed with all the entries for the Challenge so far! :D

Here are the entries for Day 4 of the Challenge, Seran Wrap Nails.  This seems to be a first for a lot of the participants :)  Good!  I want people to go out of their comfort zone, and this was an easy way to start ;)

There are two different ways to achieve the Seran Wrap Nail technique.
  1. Paint your nail your base colour.  When your base colour is completely dry, paint over with your second colour and while it is still wet use a scrunched up piece of seran wrap to sponge the top colour off so the base colour will show through.  Repeat for as many colours as you want.  Or,
  2. Paint your nail your base colour.  When your base colour is completely dry, put a couple drops of your second colour onto a piece of foil or plate.  Using a scrunched up piece of seran wrap, dab it into the drops of polish, dab on the foil/plate to remove excess (but not too much) and dab onto the nail.  Repeat with as many colours as you want.
I personally prefer the 2nd method ("sponge-on") as I feel I have more control of where my top colours go and how much of it shows.  I have not tried the 1st method ("sponge-off"), I will have to give it a go one of these days :)

Onto the entries!

Erica's Nails and More Day 4 entry:
I love seran wrap nails. I do it a little different from everyone else though - I use the sponge-on method. Paint your nails your base colour. Put a couple drops of your other colour(s) onto a piece of foil or plate and dab seran into the polish and onto the nail. I love the marble effect it gives :) I used Revlon Top Speed Fire as my base colour and Julep Felicity and Harley as my sponged colours. I love the colour combination of this :)
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April Boulware Day 4 entry:
Pure Ice Superstar and Sally Hansen Emerald City.
dreamyMM Nails and Make Up Day 4 entry:
Seran Wrap is something I have never done before...
Thought it would look better if I had opposite colours so made both hands in contrast... one hand blue one silver...To emphasize it a bit more, I did my thumbs different and added some big gems.
I used: my favourite Blue... "Collection 2000 Lasting Colour, No.12 Blue my Mind" and a glittery Silver polish...

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Erin Fleming Day 4 entry:
Saran Wrap! I went for a subtle look using Zoya Quinn and China Glaze Swing Baby. For some reason it reminds me of crushed velvet?
Lustrous Lacquer Day 4 entry:
Base color is ULTA Beauty Gold tippd Rose. Top Color is Jordana Cosmetics Cabaret. Plus a coat of SV.
Muffin Nails Day 4 entry:
My saran wrap mani! Orange and pink is without a doubt my favorite color combination, so it wasn't hard for me to choose my colors for this design. The pink is Sinful Colors Boom Boom and the orange is Sally Hansen Sun-Kissed. If I did this again I might use the orange as the base color on all of the nails, but other than that I think it turned out pretty well!
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Painted Nubbs Day 4 entry:
My very first saran wrap mani...and needless to say it didn't turn out that good. I followed the directions from a tutorial, but it still looks like I did it wrong lol
I used China Glaze For Audrey as the base and then applied China Glaze Lemon Fizz over that and dabbed it off.

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FingerFood Nails day 4 entry:
I managed to get over the trauma of taking off my autumn nails for day 4! Here are my saran wrap nails - I used Barry M Raspberry over Models Own Snow White. Apologies to everyone for the state of my nails - the tips are breaking as they grow out as a result of wearing false nails about a month ago and they're all uneven... :s
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Sandra Bickel Day 4 entry:
After testing several colors for opacity, this two just seemed to work best. I used the dob-off method rather than the dob-on lot less messy. My son loves it! Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby and Envy (overlay).
Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Lacquer Day 4 entry:
I used Julep Jessica as the base and used the sponge-on method to apply the silver, LA Colors Live.
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See Jodi Polish Day 4 entry:
This was done with Julep's Leah as a base, 2 coats for opaqueness and then CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer in Subway to Wall Street, a concrete grey creme color, was brushed on and a scrunched up ball of saran wrap was used in a dabbing method to remove some of the grey so the green shows through. I love how it looks marbelized (yup, that's a new word I just created :) )
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Sparkle and Shine Nails Day 4 entry:
I used OPI Pepe's Purple Passion as the base, Pink Friday for the "sponged on" part, and ORLY 54 for a little shimmer. I also did a blog post of the first five days of the challenge, because I won't be around tomorrow (Leave for work at 6:45, get home from school at 11!).
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Amber Nolan Day 4 entry:
Turns out I'm not very good at the saran wrap manicures! Haha. I used Butter London's Branwen's Feather and for the top color I used Sinful Colors Gorgeous.

No Naked Nails Day 4 entry:
This is the first time I have ever done this one and I have to say, I don't know why I waited so long! This was sooo crazy easy! I used Spoiled's I Don't Drink Cheap Wine and WnW's Metallica. Again, if you haven't tried this, you must! you will be shocked at how easy it is to create such a 'Wow' effect on your nails. Thanks to Erica for 'forcing' me to do these things I've never tried. :)
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Samantha Dobbs Day 4 entry:

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