Thursday 20 September 2012

10 Day Challenge -- Day 5

We're half way through the Challenge already!?  That's so crazy, it feels like we just got going!  It has been so much fun doing this challenge with some really wonderful ladies :)  I can't wait to see what the second half of the Challenge will bring :)

Day 5's theme is Gradient.  Now, I'm not going to lie, this one was tricky and I think that a lot of the girls found it frustrating, unless they have already mastered the art of creating a perfect gradient ;)  This is definitely a perfectionist's worst nightmare, especially when you're still working on the learning curve of the design.

Let's take a look at all the designs :)

Erica's Nails and More Day 5 entry:
Gradients... *sigh* I think I have them mastered, but it's still going to be some time before I get them to my liking. In this I used Julep Hayden as my base colour (light peach). Then, using a kitchen sponge with the green scratchy on one side and a pair of tweezers I dabbed on Julep Sasha, a coral-orange colour from the tip to about 3/4 up my nail. Then I used Julep Natasha, a red-orange, and sponged up about 1/2 up my nail. I let that dry a little and then added another layer of Natasha at the tip (last 1/4) to darken it up.
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April Boulware Day 5 entry:
China Glaze Electric Beat, Zoya Mira and Kleancolor Neon Pink...I've never done any nail art before this challenge, so as usual this was my first gradient.
dreamyMM Nails & Make Up Day 5 entry:
Inspired by the Rainbow I created my own Gradient of Colours! How did I make it? Simple...With a sponge and my Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple and Magenta Acrylic Paint colours over a base white nail polish.
Erin Fleming Day 5 entry:
I couldn't get a gradient to look good for the life of me today, so here's one I did a while ago - it's Orly Skinny Dip and China Glaze Up All Night.
Lustrous Lacquer Day 5 entry:
I'm getting a little better at these but it's still not how I want them to look. Colors are Zoya Avery, Shelby and, Arizona. I went with brighter colors becasue it's turned quite chilly here lately and Im not ready to let go of summer yet.
Muffin Nails Day 5 entry:
The first post I ever made on my blog was a gradient, so I have a huge soft spot in my heart for them. I was so in love with the pink I used yesterday (Sinful Colors - Boom Boom) that I decided to try it out again, matched with my favorite green (Essie - Mojito Madness). And I couldn't just leave it plain, so I added a little design on top using a white Art Deco striper.
Painted Nubbs Day 5 entry:
China Glaze For Audrey into Zoya Malia
took me days to get it this good, one of the most frustrating things I've ever done lol.
FingerFood Nails Day 5 entry:
Can't believe we're halfway through the challenge already!!! Here are my gradient nails. Unfortunately the pics didn't pick up the colours as well as I hoped because they're super shimmery but I have so little time today that I can't wait till later to get better ones :/ I used Sally Hansen HD Hue, Wavelength and Byte :)
Sandra Bickel Day 5 entry:
So far, this one has been the most difficult for me to get right. I finally got it together somewhat and this doesn't look too bad. I call this combo: A touch of warmth in winter...not sure's just what it looked like to me. I used OPI Significant Other Color and Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet for base colours and OPI Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not and Sally Hansen Sea Breeze for the gradient.
Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Lacquer Day 5 entry:
I used Zoya Myrta and Zoya Kimber from the Zoya Pinterest Trio for this subtle gradient.
See Jodi Polish Day 5 entry:
I LOVE doing gradients, I do them all the time and I always get tons of compliments on them. This was done using the paint directly onto the make-up sponge method. I started with a base coat of Avon nailwear pro in Jade (2 coats) then I painted rows of Avon Jade, Daphne by Julep and Walk on Air by essence onto the sponge and lightly dabbed. I repeated the process on each nail twice. Then I topped it all off with NYC Starry Silver Glitter.

Sparkle and Shine Nails Day 5 entry:
I've done this technique three times before, and this is so far my best attempt (my gummy worm nails for my last challenge were an utter fail, and my candy corn nails were...better). I learned you need less polish on the sponge, which is how my pinky turned out so well. This is my metallic duo-chrome gradient, with Ulta Jaded as the base and China Glaze Deviantly Daring as the second color.
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Amber Nolan Day 5 entry:
My gradient nails! They turned out alright. I used my 2 favorite colors again Julep Morgan & Sandra. Decided to mix it up a little and do vertical gradient and to switch the colors on my thumb. :)
No Naked Nails Day 5 entry:
I'm not even sure if this can be considered a gradient but its my (first and last) attempt at one. Ugh! I don't like it at all but here it is. These are the colors I used: LA Colors Wisteria(pink), Purple Delight (purple),Circuits (black), Energy Source (white) and Cobalt (dark blue), NYC Sidewalkers (grey), and Sally Hansen Blue Me Away (light blue). I apologize in advance for any eye soreness that may occur after seeing this
Samantha Dobbs Day 5 entry:

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