Tuesday 23 October 2012

Free Gift from Julep

Good afternoon lovely readers!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far :)

As some of you may have seen on Facebook, a while back I received an e-mail from Julep with tracking information for an order I didn't place.  I wanted to make sure there wasn't a mix-up in their system so I e-mailed to inquire about it.  The lovely Shelly Neighbors let me know that it is in fact correct, but it is Julep that is sending me a surprise!  I LOVE surprises, and love that Julep is taking the time to send me a little something special :D  They really DO care about their Mavens!

So I waited and wondered, and dreamed about what I was receiving, and finally it came in the mail!  It isn't want I expected, but that is OK :)  I still love it!

It came with a lovely personalized note!

Inside was a cute little travel package with the Julep Hand Brightener, Hand Scrub and Lip Balm.  I have the Lip Balm and Hand Scrub, though I'm not overly fond of the Hand Scrub (I will still use it though, winter is coming!), but have never tried the Hand Brightener.  I love Julep's Lip Balm (it's my favourite of all the ones I have) and the Hand Brightener smells like fresh linen ... MMMM!  I'm all about smell, if I love the smell, I will use it, and I really do love the smell of the Hand Brightener.  I'm not sure it makes a difference with my own hands appearance-wise, but I don't have a lot of dark spots or wrinkles on my hands :)  And I constantly use hand lotion and cuticle oil/balm.

This was a great gift to receive from Julep!  Though it isn't much, it still shows that they care that their Mavens are happy and will remain Mavens :)  Personally, I love getting my Julep in the mail every month, and though I will say that their sales draw me in every time and are breaking the bank, I still love them ;)

Keep up the great work Julep, you have a Maven for life with me :D

P.S. - this is one of the last "nail mail" posts I will have.  The poll was taken for what my readers want to see when it comes to nails mail, and majority ruled they want quick pictures on Facebook when I receive nail mail so that will be how I show you guys what I get after I have all the posts used up from receiving nail mail so far :)  I have already started this photo album on Facebook, you can see it here.


  1. I received a shipping notice a week or so ago too and never ordered anything... I wonder if this is the case for me too???

    1. Ooooh maybe! Make sure to let us know what you get! :D


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