Monday 22 October 2012

Nail Polish Rack

Howdie everybody!  So tonight I ventured out with my baby sister (who is 19 tomorrow!!) and her friend to get some supplies for my very own Nail Polish Rack!!!  They were headed to our "local shopping centre" which is 20 minutes away so I thought I would tag along to save myself a trip on Friday to get everything ;)

I managed to get everything required for this project, and I wanted to set everything straight with pricing because, if you don't have all the tools, your rack is going to be worth more than the $20-$25 everyone says they spend on their Nail Polish Rack.

So, I got 3 pieces Elmer's Foam Board (20 x 30-3/16) in yellow (that is all my local WalMart had).  I found this in the school supplies section with the bristol/poster board.  Then I sauntered on over to the craft section.  I don't have a glue gun so I needed to get one of these for this project.  I got Ad tech Hi Temp Project Pro 20 watt Glue Gun.  And of course I don't have any glue gun gluesticks so I had to get some of those too, the glue gun doesn't come with gluesticks.  They had packs of 100 sticks for this style of glue gun -- Adtech Mini Size Gluesticks (Hi Temp and Multi Temp).  Then on to the Duct Tape.  I found this in the paint section with the painter's tape.  They had SO many different designs, it was hard to decide what I wanted!  I wanted something to go with my yellow foam board.  I went with the "Splatter" design -- I thought paint splatter would be perfect for a Nail Polish Rack ;)

So let's talk pricing:
Foam Board          $3.97ea  $11.91
Glue Gun              $7.96      $  7.96
Glue Gun Sticks    $7.92      $  7.92
Duct Tape             $5.00      $  5.00

Total                                     $32.79 + tax (13% in Ontario)

A little more than the $20-$25 people say they spend on theirs, but I didn't have the glue gun and the glue gun gluesticks, so if I had've had those, obviously it would have been under the $20.00 mark.

I will be making this Nail Polish Rack this coming Friday and will update this blog post with all the pictures.  I don't have time to do pictures tonight, but I will make sure to include "materials" pictures :)

Here is the video I followed for making my Nail Polish Rack (not my video):

Make sure to keep an eye out for this to be updated either Friday or Saturday after I make my Nail Polish Rack :D

P.S. -- Thank you to all the wonderful ladies on the Facebook group Show Me Your Top Coats for inspiring me to make this!  I just hope that one rack will fit all my polishes ;D  If not, guess I will have to make another... oh darn!  LOL!

Alright ladies, here is the update.  I couldn't wait until Friday to do this, it was all I could think about at work today, so I went ahead and built my shelf tonight!

Start with 3 sheets of foam board in any colour :)

You will also need a glue gun, glue gun sticks, and the fun part -- colourful Duct Tape (optional).

First, cut all your strips and have your backing foam board (not cut).

And then cover your thinner strips with Duct Tape -- these are the fronts of your shelves.

Apply glue and stick all the pieces together, and TA DA!!  A beautiful nail polish rack!  :D

And here it is filled with all of my polishes.  I think I need to make another -- this is super full!

I will admit, I "cheated" with this a little bit, but I didn't intend to.  I had all my lines drawn for my strips and my dad came to see what I was doing and he offered to cut all the strips with his table saw for me.  So I let him :)  He has 3 daughters, no sons, so he likes to be able to help us with any project he can :)

If you guys make yourself one of these wonderful Nail Polish Racks, please share it with me on the Facebook page!


  1. I can't wait to see how yours turns out!

    1. Me too! I was going to make it last night, but it was well past my bedtime and I knew if I went to start it I wouldn't want to stop till I was done, lol!

  2. I can't wait to see your polish rack! These are just so cute and really creative.

    1. I want to make it tonight, but I should be in bed right now, but still on Facebook, lol!

  3. I really want to do this as well. None of the suppliers I have found will even ship racks to Canada.

    1. Really? :( That's weird, considering it's not "hazardous" and it can't be THAT heavy... I would offer to make it for you but it would definitely be cheaper for you to make it with the way Canada Post charges for shipping, lol!

  4. I am going to make some polish racks for my daughters. I found 20 x 30 Foam Board at the Dollar Tree!!! That's right, only $1 per sheet. They only had white, but I am soooooo excited. That really cuts down the cost of my projects. Hope this tip helps someone else.

    1. Oooooh good call! Thanks so much! Wish they had Dollar Trees in Canada :) I'm going to have to scout out my local Dollarama (large dollar store chain in Ontario at least, if not Canada-wide) for them! However, my OCD wants me to make only yellow ones from now on ;)

  5. Erica!! That's really nice!! Have you seen MY racks? I made mine with wood and spray painted them with a spray paint that made them feel and look like real stone!! My racks cost me LESS THAN $7 not counting the Spray paint [Cuz the spray paint was $10 but you don't have to get that] and I also got to make 2 racks out of the $7 or ONE large floor to cieling rack. I got the cheapest wood and thinnest wood I could find at my local Lowes. It was $1.18 each. I had the tools obviously so it would be more if you didn't have the tools, such as the saw, nails, L's and screws. But my Dad cut the pieces with his saw and he had screws and an electric screwdriver. You can see my Polish Studio on my Facebook page or on my Blog, I hope you don't mind if I put my blog address and FB address here.. I'm not spamming you, I just want you to see it.. :) BTW I love the yellow and the duct tape you chose! My lil sister has that duct tape over everything!! Oh and my most recent rack [I have 4] I painted with blue Crafts paint and used Blue Peace sign duct tape on it... My blog is and my Facebook page is
    Here is one of them, the only one I have floor to cieling.. and here is the first part I ever did I don't have a picture of my new blue one but I will be updating my blog soon with all of my new polishes since this was taken LAST year in JUNE!!!!!!! I probably have DOUBLE the amount of polish now lol...

  6. Did you see my racks? I'm making two of these foam board ones as well.. Hopefully I can get pics up tonight on my blog!

    1. I did :D That is one crazy amount of polish you have! How do you choose what to use?? Eeny-meeny-minee-mo?? ;)


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