Tuesday 13 November 2012

November Nail Art Challenge Day 5

Good morning!! :D  I am SO excited to show you what I have for you today!  Today's post is for Day 5 of the November Nail Art Challenge -- Half Moons.  Now, when I first got into nail art I wasn't too keen on the half moon look, but I think they are pretty OK now :)  It depends how they are done and the colours used.

So, as most of you may know, Big Bang Theory is my favourite TV show of all time.  I have purchased the polish collection from different DIMENSION and decided that it was time to use one :)

My favourite episode is "The Einstein Approximation" from Season 3.  In this episode, Sheldon is trying to figure out the Einstein Approximation and is trying all different ways to get it.  My favourite part is when Leonard gets called to come and get him out of the ball pit.  Here is a link to a YouTube video of this scene.. LMAO OMG I love this show! :D  (I would have embedded the clip here so you wouldn't have to open the link, but it wouldn't let me.)

Without further adieu, here are my Half Moon Nails.

BAZINGA!!! Hehehehe!

For this I used Julep Mystery Yellow for my base colour.  Then, using a small paint brush I used Julep Deluanay to create my half moons.  I didn't have any hole reinforcements to create a smooth line :(  I filled in the bottom part with Deluanay, and then topped with different DIMENSION Bazinga! from the Big Bang Theory polish collection.  This is a clear based glitter with small yellow and red glitters, small yellow and red hexes, medium yellow hexes and large red hexes.  I meant to do red moons with Bazinga over the yellow to show the glitter better but didn't realize my error until I had painted 2 coats of Mystery Yellow on my nails, haha!  Oh well :)

So then to even out my wobbly lines I stuck some rhinestones on the line to bedazzle it up a little more :)

What do you guys think??  Do you love Big Bang Theory too?  What's your favourite episode and who is your favourite character?

Want to get your own polish from the Big Bang Theory collection?  Visit different DIMENSION's shop and pick yourself up a bottle :)  She also has Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, PENNY!!!, and Soft Kitty Warm Kitty.


  1. Fantastic mani! I really love this one! The colors work so well together & the rhinestones add that extra glamorous POP! <3

    1. Thanks :D I thought it would look pretty awesome. Someone told me it reminded them of Sheldon's Flash shirts :)


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