Wednesday 14 November 2012

NOTD: China Glaze Lubu Heels

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  Today is my last day of work for the week because tonight I'm headed to my friends for our Twilight Marathon day tomorrow and the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2!!  I am so excited for this, but I can't believe it's going to be all over :(

So what is a "Twilight Marathon"?  At a movie theatre about an hour from me they are showing the first 4 movies (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part 1 for those of you who don't follow Twilight :) ) and then at 10pm we are going to watch the new (and last) movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2 :D  The whole thing starts at 12 noon and there's about 30mins of intermission between each movie for stretching, bathroom breaks and eating :)

Breaking Dawn is my favourite book of the 4 and I hope that this last one is as good as the first part was :)  I have only watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 once since watching it a couple times in theatres last year, so I can't wait to watch it again :)

Anywho, so in celebration of the movie and the Twilight Marathon (so happy they are showing all 5!!), I asked my Facebook page fans what polish I should wear for this "outing" and Brandy M suggested China Glaze Lubu Heels.  When I looked it up I knew I had to get it, it was SO Twilight-y :)  So I hopped on over to Nail Polish Canada and got it ordered :)

I put it on last night as I knew I wouldn't have time to do it tonight and I figure because the friends I'm going with aren't as into polish as me I wouldn't take it to paint my nails when I got to my friend's house tonight :)

WARNING - picture heavy
I was trying to get the full effect of the polish :) 

This really is a beautiful polish... in the bottle and in bright light.  All nails have 2 coats with a top coat, I probably could have put a 3rd coat on.  This is a black jelly base with red micro glitter that isn't really that noticeable in normal/dull lighting and looks like it's just black most of the time.  I haven't seen it out in the sunlight yet, the sun is hiding today, of course!  I'm not sure how to bring the red glitters out more for "normal viewing" :(  I was wondering about putting some red polish on it to pull the red glitters out, but I didn't really want to cover up any of the polish so that the glitters weren't visible either.  Not sure what I can do to it.  If anyone has any suggestions, let me know :)

While I really like this polish, I'm not sure this is something I would wear all the time just because it is so dark and not as sparkly as I hoped it would be in every day lighting.  Maybe another top coat would make it more sparkly, but I didn't have time to do 2 last night to try it out.

What do you think?  Is this polish right up your alley?
Are you a Twi-hard too or could you care less about the books and movies?


  1. Pretty! Have a good time! I wish I could do the marathon or even go to the midnight showing, but the hubby works. I guess Friday will have to do for us!

    1. Let me know how you like it, it was SOOOO exciting! :D

  2. Gorgeous! I can't wait for the movie (won't be able to see it in theaters) and I think I'm gonna have to get this polish! :)

    1. I think we need to have our own Marathon :)

  3. Gorgeous color!!! <3 I'm so jealous you're going to see Breaking Dawn 2!! :P I'll probably wait to see it after all the Twi-hards have gotten seen it and go when it's less crowded or see it when it comes out on DVD :)

    1. It actually wasn't too bad for crowded - the Marathon was only about 1/2 full and the line ups in the theatre we were at only started about 8-ish for just Breaking Dawn.


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