Tuesday 1 January 2013

New Year's Resolution No-Buy

Well the New Year is upon us and I hope that everyone has survived the Christmas chaos!  As much as I love Christmas, and I LOVE Christmas, it's nice when it's all over and you can just relax a little, without having to do lots of running around to all these Christmas parties and family gatherings :)

I'm not one for making New Year's Resolutions because quite frankly, I suck at them, haha!  I'm not very good at keeping to my Resolutions I do make, so I have stopped making them.  However, this year is different, this year it's a necessity!

My New Year's Resolution for 2013 is a Polish No-Buy.  So what does that mean?  That means I have spent WAY too much money on polish in the last 6 months and I need to stop for a while.  So here is what I have proposed to myself:

  • No buying new polish until I have every single polish I currently own/have already ordered and is coming in the mail swatched and posted about on the blog.  As you can see from the My Collection page, there is still a LOT for me to swatch.
  • And if that wasn't "torture" enough, I have also decided I need to do all the nail art I have been wanting to do as well before buying a new polish.
  • The only exceptions I am giving myself for this No Buy are
    • my Julep subscription, but the rule for that will be that I can only get the basic box - no add-ons and no upgrades - unless I have enough Jules that I don't have to pay for it out-out-of-pocket
    • I will be trying to get the Elixir Lacquers Limited Edition Anniversary polish :D - GOT IT!
    • I will still be able to get top coat, base coat, etc. - stuff required to complete a mani :)
Sounds like fun, right??  I'm actually really excited because I have SO many polishes that I have received in the last 6-8 weeks that I have been dying to try, but with the November Nail Art Challenge and then all the Christmas manis I did, there wasn't a lot of time for swatching new polishes.

I am going to need your help!  I am going to need all the love and support you have given me up until this point, only magnified, so that I can accomplish this No Buy!  I have no set deadline for it, I just want to at least try out all the polishes I own and do most of the "want to do" nail art ;)  That way I can decide what I love and what I can do without :)  We will see how long I can last - the official current polish-I-physically-have count is 317 bottles (not including top and base coats) - YIKES!

Take a look through My Collection page, let me know if there are any that I have not yet swatched so I can swatch them for you.  If you have any nail art that you would like me to try, post a picture or link on the Facebook page or send me an e-mail ericasnailsandmore@yahoo.ca with a picture or link :)  I will be happy to try my hand at anything!  Just remember that I don't use acrylic paints, so anything that looks really detailed is probably done with acrylic paints :)

As with the No-Buy that girls from my SMYTC group participated in did (that my willpower wouldn't let me participate in), here is a list of all of the polishes I am currently expecting:

Butter London:
Jack the Lad, Scuppered, Shambolic

(in swap) Chinchilly - I don't think I will ever receive this polish :(

Annie, Carly, New Year's Mystery Box (I really hope I get the new Erica polish in my Mystery Box :D )

As they come in the mail, I will cross them off the list :)

All my readers are more than welcome to join in on this No Buy!  There is no prize or anything, this is more for me to get everything tried before I buy more and to make sure that I like everything I already have (and to slow down on the polish purchases :P ), but if you want join in, by all means, join in!

*EDIT*  April 15, 2013 - I have been SOOOOO bad lately!  I fell off the wagon maybe 6-8 weeks ago and haven't been able to dust myself off and get back on.  I am restarting my No Buy RIGHT NOW!  Other than Juleps, no polishes for me until I can get everything swatched!  Hopefully I can last longer this time!

What I have coming in as of right now:

Daily Lacquer - Giles the Ripper; Wicked Willow
Dollish Polish - It's So Fluffy, I'm Gonna Die; Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea; You Razzle Dazzle Me
Julep - Alma; Matte Top Coat; Sea Salt Mystery Box


  1. I am THIS close to joining you!

    Just have to remember what's all enroute from God Knows Where.

    Yours in so many hundred bottles of lacquer,


  2. Oh god I really should do this. However I have already set aside a budgeted amount to try some cool stuff at tax time. So in lieu of that, my goal is to do a swatch on my nails (I already have everything on nail wheels) and post about it at least 5 days a week plus challenges. Working ahead on Jilltastic's February challenge. Cause she said it is ok to do so, but only doing drafts on my blog for that, no posting ahead of time. So it will be really interesting to do your February challenge.


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