Sunday 30 December 2012

Pure Ice 966 Taupe Drawer

Hi-de-ho everybody!!  I'm almost forgetting what day it is because I have been off work for over a week and they are starting to all mesh into one!  The only thing with keeping me remembering what day it is is the fact that Tyler and I have to go pick his mom up at the airport tomorrow afternoon and I have a big family gathering the day after.  I don't go back to work until the 7th of January ... a nice long holiday :D  I don't wanna go back *pout*

Anywho, today I have for you a gorgeous colour that my friend April from Southern Sass and Sparkle sent me in a swap we did.

This is one beautiful colour, I am so in love with it!  Unfortunately it photographed a lot bluer in all of the other pictures I took, so I can only show you one :(  This is 2 coats with top coat.

This will be a great base colour for stamping or nail art :D  Can't wait to use it again in some nail art :D

Now, if you are trying to find this colour, don't pick up "Taupe Drawer" as they have changed the name of this colour and named another colour Taupe Drawer.  If you want this colour in particular, you will want to look for "Absolutely Marvelous".  It's the same colour, just a different name - I found this out when April told me that she had one that she thought was the same colour and wanted to send it to me to do a comparison.  I was browsing the Pure Ice website and on their discontinuation list they have listed this as a "renamed polish".  Also, just a note that it looks a lot more pink in the bottle than it does on the nail, it dries a lot more purple.

Unfortunately, Pure Ice polish is not available in Canada, only in the US (that I have seen), so if you want to try any of them out, you may want to set up a purchase or swap from a friend in the US.  If anyone knows where there are available in Canada, I would be very interested in that information :D

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