Wednesday, 30 January 2013

OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries

Good afternoon my dears!

Today I have a polish for you that I am VERY reluctant to show you because I could not photograph it with colour accuracy if my life depended on it.  Cameras hate the colour purple.. why oh why?!?! :(  I put this on Sunday evening and I'm just now showing it to you, that is how reluctant I am :)

Anywho, I'm going to try to explain this colour as best I can, but take a look at the pictures I did get.  This is OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries from the "Coleccion de Espana".  I don't know what year it was released though.  I got this polish from the Canadian Traveling Polish Box - my sister picked it out :)

Light Box

Light Box

Light Box

These pictures were taken in my light box, and they are not colour accurate.. AT ALL.  I was so frustrated with this because I really wanted to showcase this colour, it's SO beautiful!!  So I tried again..

Incandescent Light Without Fash

Incandescent Light With Flash
I tried again out in the living room without my light box.  These are both taken under artificial light, one without flash and one with flash.  *sigh*  It was at this point that I decided I wasn't going to post this for you guys because I just couldn't get it right, and I was so sad because I have decided that this polish is so beautiful that it has become a staple in my collection (and that is saying a lot!).

I didn't even change my polish Monday night, that's how much I love it!  Then, of course, yesterday morning when getting in the car to go to work my fingers slipped off the car door handle when I was opening it and I chipped 2 of my nails :(  Poo!  I'm just glad it wasn't the whole nail though!

I got a brain-wave yesterday afternoon that maybe the fluorescent lights in the office would show a more colour accurate photo.  So, here goes nothin'!

Fluorescent Light Without Flash
This is a little more colour accurate, and please excuse the chips on my index and middle fingers :(  The polish isn't quite this purple in real life, but this is definitely more along the right lines than the other pictures, and I swear this is the same polish, cross my heart and hope to die ;)

So, after all that, I didn't get a true-to-life colour accurate picture of Ate Berries in the Canaries, but it's a magenta colour, leaning slightly purple but not quote as purple as the fluorescent light photo.  It's also a little darker than that too.  It's kind of similar to China Glaze Under the Boardwalk actually.

I even tried googling swatches but I couldn't find anyone that had captured a colour accurate picture, so I didn't feel so bad, lol!  I think that Scrangie has captured it the best, but it's such a hard colour to get right that hers still isn't quite true to colour.  She did a better job than me though :D

What do you guys think, is this something you would wear?  I apologize for not getting a colour accurate photo for this, but if you love pinks or purples and bright (but not quite neon), bold colours, you will love this :D  I'm so glad my sister picked this from the Polish Box :D

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