Monday 28 January 2013

Glitzology Bad Things

Good evening darlings!  I'm sorry this post is so late!  I meant to do this post while at work today, but I left the pictures on my camera card, and my camera card at home... *sigh* the joys of Mondays :P

This is the last polish that Stacy from Glitzology sent me to review, Bad Things.

This is 2 sort-of-thick coats of Bad Things over bare nails.  This is a stunning raspberry crelly jam-packed with holographic micro glitter, tiny black hex glitters, small holographic hex glitters and.. wait for it.. red AND holographic heart glitters!!!  At first I wasn't sure if I would get the heart glitters out of the bottle (was working with a mini) but those puppies must be packed in there because I was pulling them out left, right, and centre ;)  I seriously love this polish!  It's a touch on the thick side, but that is expected with a glitter like this, but the application was pretty easy :)

This is my favourite of the 4 polishes Stacy sent to me!  It's so feminine and so sparkly :D <3

Stacy, I want to thank you for letting me review your polishes!  They are all gorgeous!  I definitely recommend them all to everyone.  While the polishes are a touch on the thick side, I have learned that this is pretty much the "norm" for indie glitter polishes, so I have come to expect it :)

If you want your own bottle of Bad Things, or any of Glitzology's polishes, head over to her shop, and make sure to check out her Facebook page for updates!

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