Saturday 26 January 2013

Glitzology Country Girl

Good evening my loves!  I'm not sure if I will get in the 2 posts I was hoping to get in today.  My sister and I went to get our hair cut and shopping afterwards earlier today.  I got a good 3-4 inches cut off my hair and though it's a little shorter than I was hoping, I still like it and that means I can wait another year before getting it cut again :D  (Yup, I'm lazy/low-maintenance like that ;) )  I was home a little later than I anticipated, so even if I get polished tonight I won't get pictures as it's already dark as I write this and no light box at Tyler's house for picture taking :(

So I have always been a "country bumpkin" (not quite as hardcore as Honey Boo Boo though).  When I was little, my two sisters and I would play outside all the time (helped that we only had 3 TV channels, lol)!  In the summer we would be playing in the yard chasing bugs or butterflies (I liked to collect snails and dragonflies), on our swingset, and climbing trees or the round bales in the hay field behind our house.  And in the winter we would spend our days digging as many tunnels through the snow as we could :)  I also listen to country music and love cranking it when one of my favourites comes on the radio!  We lived in the outskirts of a small town in a farming community, so it's not a strange thing to see tractors taking up the whole road or field after field of hay, corn, or potatoes.  (My favourite line from a song is  "If I'm going to be in a traffic jam / It better be a tractor man" from Rodney Atkins' song Take a Back Road - one of the ones that gets cranked ;) )

So when I saw a polish called Country Girl in Glitzology's shop, I knew I had to get it.  When she asked if I wanted to review polishes for her, this is one of the first I chose :)  I think part of it was so that I could represent my dad with my nails.  He has a John Deere tractor (it's his baby), so for him it's mostly about the colour combination ;)

This is 2 kind-of-thick coats of Country Girl over bare nails.  This is a slightly tinted yellow base with a bunch of green and yellow glitters - tiny glitters, hex glitters, square glitters and chunky bar glitters.  This polish screams "John Deere" and I would love to use this as an accent nail for some John Deere nails for my dad :)  Maybe for his birthday in June :)

This polish was a little tricky to work with, it was thicker than the other 2 of I have tried so far for review (Sock Monkey and Island of Misfit Toys) but I think that may have to do with the chunky bar glitters as they seemed to "glue" all the glitters together.  Otherwise, this polish couldn't be more fit for a country girl :D

After I got thinking about this polish, and though I'm sure the colours are to represent  John Deere, this polish also reminds me of my elementary (K-8) school colours as they were also green and yellow... then I got thinking "I wonder who comes up with school/team colours" because it just seemed too weird that being in an elementary school in a farming community and the school colours were the same as John Deere's colours..... hmmmm.... lol!  One probably has nothing to do with the other, but makes you wonder ;)

If you want to pick up your own bottle of Country Girl, make sure to check out the Glitzology shop and give her a like on her Facebook page to keep up-to-date with new polishes and releases :)


  1. I got this color because it is the green bay packers colors!

    1. Haha, it's perfect for that! I'm not a football fan though ;) I don't quite understand the game to be quite honest :)


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