Wednesday 23 January 2013

Glitzology Sock Monkey

Good evening my lovlies!  I am done my first chapter of my course, whew!  Only 14 more weeks to go, lol!

Tonight I have for you the 2nd review polish from Glitzology, Sock Monkey :D  I never had a sock monkey as a kid - did you?  I lived a sheltered life that I didn't really know what a sock monkey was until maybe 8 or 9 years ago.  It seems they have become popular over the last few years.  I was googling a picture to show Tyler, when I told him that I had sock monkey polish on my nails he asked if it was yellow (not sure where he got that), and I came across this...


Now, I don't like to judge.. but this is maybe going a little too far?  However, I did see this, and maybe it's because it's a cake that I like it so much :)

Very cute!!  Anyways, onto the polish!

This is 2 not-overly-thick coats of Sock Monkey over bare nails.  This is a grey-brown pearl base colour with dark micro glitters, and what looks like small red, copper and black hex glitters.  There are some light copper square glitters in there too :)  It's very pretty!  This would be one that I would be inclined to wear over a base colour, just because the VNL is fairly visible.  I think I would pair this with a brick red, maybe like the new Julep Claudette that is being released in the February Classic with a Twist Maven box.

This polish went on flawlessly, as with the other Glitzology polishes so far it was a touch thick but that's expected for polishes like this and nothing that isn't easy to work with.  The glitters were easy to get onto the nail and no fishing was required to get them out of the bottle.  I wouldn't say this is my favourite polish but it's only because of the colours of it rather than the formula and application.

If you want to get your own bottle of Sock Monkey, make sure to check out the Glitzology shop, and her Facebook page!

*nudge* didja notice that my pictures are better?!  I think I figured out how to get my pictures looking right :D  Pretty darn proud of myself ;)


  1. Pretty! I had a sock monkey, but it was a hand-me-down from when my dad was a kid. And your pictures look fantastic! :)

  2. Dawson and I sewed our own sock monkeys one day because we were bored! They sit on our bed now :)


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