Wednesday 23 January 2013

Glitzology Island of Misfit Toys

Goooood morning!  Holy cow it's a chilly one out there today!  When I was driving into work my car told me it was -28°C, which is -17°F.  I'm all for cold mornings though!  I love when you take that deep breath of fresh cold air and your nostrils stick together.. yeah, I'm a little whacked in the head, but watcha gonna do, right?!  LOL!

Anywho, I wanted to post this last night, but if you saw my post from a couple days ago, I have enrolled in an online Accounting course and I got my textbook last night so I got started on it right away because I have some discussions due at the end of the week.  I did manage to get my nails painted before I started my homework though.  (I haven't done homework in almost 7 years!)

Today is the first segment of 4 I have for you of polishes that Stacy from Glitzology sent me for review! :D  (Stacy, I'm so sorry this has taken me so long to get to!)

This is 2 not-overly-thick coats of Island of Misfit Toys over  bare nails.  It is a pearl-y base with silver micro glitters that reflect the light like mad.  It is jam-packed with lots of small glitters in red, orange, yellow, green, and blue (mix of hex and squares), as well as some red and darker blue medium square glitters.  The only thing "negative" (but not really) I have to say is that in Stacy's description she says that there is purple glitters, and in her pictures there are definitely purple glitters, but I didn't get any.  I know that because this is a "homemade" polish there are slight differences in every batch and I am completely OK with that, just thought I would point that out :)

I described this polish to April from ...And Then There Was Polish as a "birthday party in a bottle"!  This is a seriously fun polish, and though it was released for the Christmas season, I think it's appropriate for any time of the year :D

This polish was really easy to apply, though I did get some areas where there were a little more coloured glitters than I needed for the nail, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing ;)  It is a little thicker, but that is expected with a polish with this much bling!  And I would feel pretty good about saying that you could add a third coat and there would be no VNL, but you could always layer this over a base colour if you want to make sure of it.  This would look really stunning over black :)  One thing to watch for though is that you don't leave one of the glitters hanging over the edge of your nail because they become VERY sharp when it is dry.  If you do, just take a nail file and gently file it down smooth to the edge of your nail :)

As my first real review polish, I have to say I love it :)  Application was easy - no fishing required, and the formula was good for a polish loaded with this much glitter :)   I apologize that my pictures are slightly yellow looking, I will be getting more lights for my light box this weekend, so I hope to have brighter pictures for you guys next week :D

If you want to get your own bottle of Island of Misfit Toys, check out Glitzology's shop, and make sure to like her on Facebook too!

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