Saturday 23 March 2013

Above the Curve Miss Scarlet's Vittles

Happy Saturday!  I have caught up on sleep from what I missed yesterday (I usually need at least 8-ish hours to function, but prefer getting 10) so I'm good to go :)

Today I have for you a polish that I have had for a long time.. *checks e-mails*  Yeah, I ordered it October 18th, so that gives you an indication as to how long I've had it...  This is Above the Curve Miss Scarlet's Vittles from the Gone With the Wind collection.  Gone With the Wind is one of my favourite movies and definitely don't watch it often enough.. it's hard to find time to watch a 5-hour-long movie all the time ;)

This is 2 super easy coats, and while you can slightly see the VNL in the photos, it isn't that apparent in real life.  You could put on 3 coats, or layered over a base colour, if you wanted to reduce and/or eliminate the VNL.

I'm really not sure if I like this colour on me.  It's almost like a denim blue with purple to pink shift in it.  It's a beautiful colour, and I will be keeping it anyways (can't have part of a collection ;) ) but I just don't know if I prefer it on me.  It's definitely more blue than I thought - I was thinking it would be more purple-coloured.

Above the Curve is another indie polish maker, and you can find their polishes in their Etsy store and on Big Cartel!  Make sure to follow them on Facebook to see their new colours!  I want to try Caty Perry-Winkle!!

PS - like my bottle shots?!  I asked you guys on my Facebook page if you prefer nail swatches with or without the bottles in the pics.  Only 3 people answered, 2 saying "with" and 1 saying "without".  So I decided to incorporate both, and do pictures with the bottles showing the label and showing a "blank" side of the bottle so it's easier to compare the colour when bottles have larger labels.

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