Friday 22 March 2013

Avon Loving Lavender

Second post for Friday - look at me go!! :D  I thought because I didn't get one up for you guys yesterday that I would do my best to get 2 up for you today!

In this post I have a swatch of Avon Loving Lavender.  I really love this color - it's perfect for spring!

This is 2 coats of Loving Lavender.  It went on super smooth without any issues :)  The first coat may be a touch streaky, but it fills in perfectly with the second coat.  This is a lavender leaning ever-so-slightly blue, as you can see from the pictures.  It is a touch lighter in real life though.

I got this polish at the end of last summer and have used it in a few designs, but never as a full mani :)  Love it!  Unfortunately, with looking at the Avon website they don't have one called Loving Lavender anymore, but they do have Luxe Lavender, so it may be similar.  It's hard to tell without having the bottle in front of me :)

Avon has a great line of polishes, I don't think that they get enough credit in the polish world.  I also find that of all my polishes (300+), Avons are one of the best brands to use for water marbles because they don't seem to get thicker over time (like Julep tends to do), and they are thin enough that they spread really nicely on the surface of the water!

And if you wait, you can get them at a good price - they will usually have them on sale - 2 for $6, or something similar.  Right now it looks like they have them on sale for $3.49 each (retail $6.99) CAD.  That is how I got all my Avon polishes.  Plus, Tyler's sister was an Avon representative, so it was easy enough to order and get them from her :)  If you don't have a local representative, you can purchase them online.  They have two sites - Canada and US.  I do not know if they ship or are stationed internationally.

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