Thursday 28 March 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

Wow, I'm so terrible!  I completely forgot about this!!  :(

Last week, Stephanie from Tickled Pink in the Rain nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, and I meant to get to it over the weekend, but completely forgot!  I'm so sorry Stephanie!  Thank you so much for the award, and don't think it's cause I don't appreciate the nomination, because that is definitely not the case!!

So here goes!  First off, what is the Versatile Blogger Award?  Well.. I'm not 100% sure, but when I look here, it lists all the rules, so I think it's basically like the Liebester Award - a way of sharing blogs you follow with your readers :)

So all I have to do is give you guys 7 facts about me that you don't already know, then nominate a bunch of bloggers :)  Here we go!!

Fun Facts (some of you may already know these from interacting with me on my Facebook page, but oh well):

1.  I over-use emoticons when I am chatting or texting (or writing blog posts).  Seriously, if you look back in blog posts, or chat with me at all you will notice it!  I notice it the most when I am chatting with Tyler on MSN (yep, we still use MSN to talk) and I have some sort of emoticon in everything that I type to him.  I am just afraid of what I say coming across the wrong way, so I want to make sure the reader understands my tone :)  <-- see, did it again!

2.  I am right handed, and have a tendency to do my polish base colour on both hands, but nail art only on my left hand.  I know, that doesn't help develop my left-handed artistic skills, but .. well .. I'm too lazy to worry about it sometimes.  Unless I'm doing stamping or something simple like that :)

3.  I don't deal well with people, I am totally not a people-person.. and I work in customer service.  Go figure, huh?!

4.  I am super indecisive.  I like to get other peoples' opinions on a lot of things.  Sometimes I catch myself and think "duh, you could have figured/decided on that youself!"

5.  I usually over-describe things.  For example, if I am telling a story, I will add in little tidbits that aren't necessarily vital to the story but I feel the need to do it anyways.  See point #1, the part about MSN.

6.  I love watching documentaries.  Not that I would choose a documentary movie over the latest thriller, but I do enjoy turning on Discovery Channel and watching shows about sharks, or space, or mummies; whatever happens to be on.

7.  I am not coordinated in any way, shape or form.  If given the chance, I will most likely trip over a sidewalk crack.  I also have a tendency to stub my toes on anything and everything.  Hence why I have been battling with growing my big toenails normally for the last 3-ish years.  Being uncoordinated also means that I can't play video games that require more than a backward/forward/jump motion (like Super Mario Bros.).  Those toggle things on console game remotes.. yeah, I have a hate-hate relationship with them, and I avoid those kind of games at all costs.  Not that I play a lot of video games anyways - that's what I have polish and blogging for :D  ( <-- proof of point #5)

And there you have it, 7 fun facts about me.  I'm going to go to bed now, and finish this tomorrow by choosing 15 (really?!  15?!?) bloggers to nominate!


*streeeeeetch* Morning!  Here are my nominees/winners:

Alex @ Glittery And Polished
Allie @ The Polished Platypus
Amber @ And Then There Was Polish
April @ Southern Sass and Sparkle
Bec @ Polish Etc.
Caitlin @ Epic Nail Time
Carrie @ Polish Insomnia
Kara @ Never Gonna Give You Up
Kelli @ The Nail Nerd
Kim @ Deliciously Sinful Designs
Kim @ Useless Stuff
Lindsey @ Renolyn Reviews
Patricia @ Polished and Glittered
Sam @ FingerFood Nails

Now, while I go and tag these ladies, make sure to check out their blogs!! :D


  1. Thank you for nominating me!!!

  2. Thank you - post coming soon! I always go over the top with the emoticons for the exact same reason. People are so easily offended - smilies come in really handy :D <<< ;)

    1. It's so easy to take things the wrong way when you are only reading them as opposed to hearing them. I have taken things the wrong way sometimes, and after I feel bad about it. Sometimes even when you are asking an innocent question that you would expect a "yep" from (more friendly sounding) and get a "yes" instead, it makes me think "wow, am I being annoying?" where as "yes :) " would not. I think that's also how a lot of drama starts :)

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination! You know my facts will have to be glittery in nature lol


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