Thursday 28 March 2013

Girly Bits Roger That

All polishes are purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.

Yay it's Thursday of a short week!!  And it's almost hometime!! :D  What does everyone have planned for the Easter weekend?  And do you go back to work on Monday, or you get tomorrow and Monday off?  I have a lunch tomorrow, then have to pick mom and dad up at the airport tomorrow night.  Then I probably have a meal on Saturday, and another meal on Sunday.  And back to the grind on Monday :(

Today I have for you my polish for COTW, which is blue :)  This is Girly Bits Roger That.

Pam from Girly Bits created this polish in memory of Brady Rogers, a boy who went to school with her children and died suddenly while celebrating his school graduation.  The story and memorial can be found here.

This is a super beautiful colour!  This is the second time I have swatched this, but the first time wasn't the best as I was fairly new to the polish and blogging world.  You can see my original swatches here, don't laugh :)  This is 2 coats of Roger that and photos are taken in direct sunlight.  This is also top coated, but as you can see the holo still flows through the polish beautifully.  It doesn't have as much holo throughout it in "normal" lighting, but in the sunlight it really comes to life!  The formula is great and really easy to work with :D

This was one of my first indie polishes I purchased, and it's still one of my favourites :)  I still want to get Girly Bits Gentle Ginger, which is another tribute polish for Brady Rogers, but the way shipping charges are, it's hard to justify it for one polish :(  I know this is out of Pam's hands as I know that Canada Post, and now USPS, charges an arm, a leg, and perhaps your first born for mailing anything.

If you want to pick up your own bottle of Roger That, head on over to Girly Bits' online store and take a look-see.  She has some other beautiful polishes!!  I really want to get all the Calender Girls collection too!  So many polishes, so little time and too few fingers! :D


  1. Love this one! Definitely one of my favorite blues. :D That's really frustrating on the shipping, Gentle Ginger is beautiful as well, but not as amazing as Roger That!

  2. Thank you Erica.
    Llarowe also now carries Roger That, and she has lower shipping costs because she is in the US.

    1. Thanks for the extra availability information Pam. I will edit the post to include this :)


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