Tuesday 23 July 2013

Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine

Good evening ladies and gents!  Just a quick post tonight, life has been a little crazy lately, and today made it even crazier!

I have some special swatches for you tonight, I know I missed Swatch-It-Up-Saturday this past weekend, but I have a couple to hopefully post this coming weekend.

Today I have for you Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine.  Now, I know what you're thinking.. "wow!!  You're lucky to have scored that!"  Well.. I didn't get it from Enchanted Polish directly - a friend of mine ended up with 2 of them and knew that it was on my wishlist, so she offered it up to me and I couldn't refuse :D

This is one coat of Freeze Machine over Julep Brandt.  It's a gorgeous glitter topper chucked full of  holo squares, small hexes and micro glitters, as well as some shards.  It looks blue-green-purple-ish in the bottle and that's how the colours reflect on the nail as well.  It's so gorgeous, and I'm sure it would make a lovely winter-ish mani closer to Christmas time :D

Now, if you are new to the polish world - Enchanted Polish polishes are next to impossible to get, and the going rate for some of them are, in my own opinion, ridiculously high!  If you don't believe me, search for Enchanted Polish on eBay, I'm sure you will see what I mean!  Anywho, the only way to get these polishes, other than through swaps and blog sales, is from the Enchanted Polish website but ONLY WHEN she does a restock.  I have only tried it once and failed miserably, but I knew I wasn't the only one, so I sucked it up and moved on.  This polish retails for .. $15-ish I think.  I could be wrong - if anyone can correct me, please let me know because she doesn't have it up on the website.  Make sure to head over to the Enchanted Polish Facebook page, or sign up for the mailing list on their website to keep up to date on the restocks, and maybe you will be one of those lucky enough to own one of your own!!


  1. this is really pretty! I don't have any enchanted polishes but it sounds like fate for you getting yours :) maybe someday I'll think they are worth the stress because they are gorgeous!


    1. I know, right!! I don't think I will try to attempt a restock again, lol! I will just wait and see if anyone has something up for swap or sale at a reasonable price, and I have to LOVE it because they are a little pricey for me.

  2. Thank you! I was so glad I could get my hands on this one.


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